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Grasshopper Provides Digital Banking Solutions and Financial Education to Help Small Businesses Grow

Grasshopper Provides Innovative Banking Solutions For Small Businesses

Businesses often require banking services more sophisticated than what individual... read more »

Identity Theft

Cloaked Generates Multiple Account Identities and One-Time Passcodes to Safeguard Online Privacy


5 min read

Cloaked Identities and Passcodes Safeguard Online Privacy

Cloaked establishes a new paradigm in the cat-and-mouse game of online privacy by circumventing vulnerabilities criminals have grown... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 2/6/24


ScribeUp Revolutionizes Subscription Management To Help Users Manage Subscriptions and Save Money


5 min read

ScribeUp Helps Consumers Manage Subscriptions and Save Money

Keeping track of subscription fees can be integral to managing one’s budget. ScribeUp simplifies subscription management so consumers can... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 2/6/24


Innovative Mortgage Products from Evergreen Home Loans Help Buyers Purchase the Homes They Desire


5 min read

Evergreen Home Loans Helps Buyers Purchase the Homes They Desire

Purchasing a home is a tried-and-true strategy for increasing net worth and ultimately creating wealth families can pass on. But it’s hard... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 2/2/24


Identity Theft Protection By Malwarebytes Safeguards Users Across Devices and Environments


5 min read

Malwarebytes Identity Theft Protection Safeguards Digital Life

Malwarebytes is a veteran in the internet security industry, with more than 15 years of experience providing strong antivirus and privacy... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 1/30/24


Travelers Visit Baton Rouge for Top-Flight Athletics, Distinctive Festivals, and Affordable Adventures


7 min read

Baton Rouge is an Ideal Destination for Affordable Adventures

Baton Rouge offers visitors year-round access to affordable events, unique dining opportunities, and a plethora of cultural experiences.... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 1/16/24


Dollar Flight Club Unearths Travel Deals For Its Members, Saving Journeyers Hundreds in Airfare


5 min read

Dollar Flight Club Helps Journeyers Save Hundreds in Airfare

Finding affordable flights to exotic locales can feel like a fool’s errand. Dollar Flight Club helps its members access flight deals that... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 12/21/23


Bitches Get Riches Cuts Through the Clutter With Authentic Advice for Getting Your Finances On Track


7 min read

Bitches Get Riches Tells It Like It Is About Money and Life

Lauren Torres and Jess Fickett have dedicated their lives to breaking barriers around talking about money. They do it through Bitches Get... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 12/20/23


Research Suggests Medical Debt Drives Poor Health Outcomes and Worsens Existing Disparities


5 min read

Research Suggests Medical Debt Worsens Health Outcomes

It doesn’t take a leap of imagination to understand how poor health can lead to medical debt. But a study from the nonpartisan Sycamore... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 12/20/23


Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool Provides a Complete and Free Pre-K to 12th-Grade Curriculum


5 min read

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool Resources Are Complete and Free

More families than ever are interested in home-schooling, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Online resources abound but tend to be... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 12/19/23


RealCall Shields Users From the Threat and Inconvenience of Scam Phone Calls and Texts


5 min read

RealCall Shields Users From Scammers’ Phone Calls and Texts

What makes a cellphone so convenient is its size and weight — just right to carry in a pocket or purse. Unfortunately, scammers take... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 12/18/23


GoShare Connects Workers with Opportunities to Increase Earnings as Delivery Professionals


5 min read

GoShare Connects Delivery Professionals with Opportunities

Participants in the gig economy may find it challenging to manage their gig work efficiently. GoShare connects gig workers with job... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 12/6/23


Families Can Enjoy Free and Affordable Fun Among the Majestic Natural Beauty of the Smoky Mountains


7 min read

The Smoky Mountains Offer Free and Affordable Family Fun

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park welcomed nearly 13 million visitors in 2022, more than any other US national park. As beautiful as... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 12/5/23


Affordable Outdoor Adventures and Cultural Experiences Abound on the Kitsap Peninsula


7 min read

Affordable Adventures Await Visitors to the Kitsap Peninsula

The Kitsap Peninsula offers visitors thrilling outdoor excursions and unique cultural experiences. Visit Kitsap Peninsula is an organization... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 11/29/23

Student Loans

Arkovich Law Helps Borrowers Navigate the Shifting Student Loan Landscape and Reduce Debt


5 min read

Arkovich Law Helps Borrowers Navigate the Student Loan Landscape

College tuition is costly. Many students use loans to finance their higher education expenses. Arkovich Law helps borrowers understand... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 11/27/23


Insured Nomads Protects Travelers and Remote Workers from Unexpected Medical and Travel Costs


5 min read

Insured Nomads Provides Protection for Travelers and Remote Workers

You might think only people with significantly higher incomes can enjoy the always-traveling, digital-nomad lifestyle. But the beauty of... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 11/15/23

Get Out of Debt

SoloSuit Acquires Resolve To Further Its Mission of Helping Consumers Settle Their Debts Affordably


5 min read

SoloSuit Acquires Resolve To Further Its Affordable Debt Settlement Mission

Most consumers are unprepared to handle the complexities of a debt lawsuit within the 14-30 days usually offered. Since 2018, SoloSuit has... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 11/9/23


Holiday Spending Trends: 27% of Consumers Spend Most on Their Partners, While 9% Spend Most on Themselves


3 min read

2023 Holiday Spending Trends Survey

One-third of consumers surveyed also admitted they don’t spend the same amount on their partner as their partner spends on them. This time of year always... read more »

By: Ashley Fricker • 11/9/23


Atmos Puts Global Sustainability First in Building an Eco-Friendly Financial Technology System


5 min read

Atmos Builds an Eco-Friendly Financial Technology Platform

Atmos Financial is dedicated to encouraging global sustainability through its financial products. Checking and savings customers earn cash... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 11/7/23

Credit Unions

Community Choice Credit Union Provides Personalized Service with an Emphasis on Inclusion


5 min read

Community Choice CU Emphasizes Service and Inclusion

Michigan-based Community Choice Credit Union has a legacy of community commitment stretching back to the Great Depression, but it hasn’t... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 11/7/23

Personal Finance

With MoneyCoach, Users Have an Intuitive Personal Financial Management Tool at Their Fingertips


5 min read

MoneyCoach Offers an Intuitive Personal Financial Management Tool

Personal financial management can be an intimidating and confounding subject. It isn’t always easy to understand which financial moves to... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 10/31/23

Student Loans

Edvisors Offers Borrowers Advice and Educational Tools as Student Loan Repayments Resume


7 min read

Edvisors Offers Student Loan Repayment Resources

The cost of higher education is an oft-debated topic among politicians and the general public. As the price of attending colleges and... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 10/12/23

Credit Cards

Kudos Helps Consumers Maximize the Credit Card Rewards They Earn While Shopping Online


5 min read

Kudos Helps Consumers Maximize Credit Card Rewards

With so many credit card reward options available today, it can be difficult for consumers to determine which rewards program best suits... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 10/10/23


HappyNest Offers Everyday Consumers Access to Commercial Real Estate Investing for As Little As $10


5 min read

HappyNest Offers Commercial Real Estate Investing for As Little As $10

As the real estate investment marketplace evolves through digital transformation, HappyNest helps everyday consumers get involved for as... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 9/28/23


Solo Gives Gig Workers Data-Driven Tools to Use Time Wisely and Maximize Their Daily Income


5 min read

Solo Uses Data Analytics to Save Time and Money for Gig Workers

Gig workers enjoy a schedule that provides them with flexibility and convenience. But that schedule can be challenging to manage daily. Gig... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 9/26/23


Kiva Uses Crowdfunding to Deliver Interest-Free and No-Fee Loans to Underserved Small Business Owners


5 min read

Kiva Delivers Interest-Free Loans to Small Business Owners

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Securing a loan with a 0% interest rate and no fees sounds too good to be true... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 9/26/23

Credit Union

Redwood Credit Union Supports Its Members With Innovative Solutions and Compassionate Service


5 min read

Redwood Credit Union Supports Its Members With Compassionate Service

Redwood Credit Union has grown from humble origins to serve members across eight northern California counties. Throughout its growth, the... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 9/19/23


Rural Partners Network Connects Federal Agencies with Local Partners to Enhance Rural Opportunity


5 min read

Rural Partners Network Enhances Opportunity in Rural Communities

Rural communities need federal support to compete in the modern economy. But securing federal assistance for local job creation,... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 9/19/23


BankFive Invests in the Communities It Serves and Builds Lasting Relationships With Its Customers


5 min read

BankFive Builds Lasting Relationships With Its Customers and Communities

BankFive is a mutual savings bank committed to forging community relationships and growing with its customers. It practices consultative... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 9/19/23


Gateway Bank Helps Local Small Businesses Weather Change and Thrive as Community Partners


5 min read

Gateway Bank Helps Local SMBs Weather Change and Thrive

During the period of heightened bank failures in early 2023, James Christensen, President and CEO of Gateway Bank in Mesa, Arizona, issued a... read more »

By: Mike Senecal • 9/12/23

Credit Unions

TruWest Credit Union Provides Financial Education and a Culture of Caring to the Communities It Serves


5 min read

TruWest Credit Union Provides Community Financial Education

Serving members in Arizona and Texas, TruWest Credit Union offers a full suite of financial products and comprehensive financial education... read more »

By: Andrew Allen • 9/6/23

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