Editorial Guidelines

Our Editorial Integrity Process

At BadCredit.org, we are committed to delivering accurate content guided by strict editorial guidelines so you can view our advice and content with confidence. Before our articles are published on our website, they undergo the following process to maintain the editorial integrity and accuracy of our content.

Editorial Guidelines

1) Reviewed by BadCredit.org Staff

Each article is reviewed by three BadCredit.org staff members – one writer and two editors.

2) Reviewed by 3rd Party Compliance Networks

Each article is also reviewed by 3rd party neutral compliance networks.

3) Reviewed by Credit Card Issuers

Each article is also reviewed by issuers themselves such as Discover, Chase, and Capital One to ensure 100% accuracy.

4) Offers Updated Regularly for Accuracy

The precise terms of each offer are updated via an automated feed from the issuers hourly, to further ensure up-to-the-minute accuracy.

5) Article is Published

Once the article has been reviewed by the preceding parties, it is published on BadCredit.org. Offers in the article continue to be updated via the automated feed.

General Editorial Guidelines

In addition to our editorial integrity process, our writers adhere to the following editorial guidelines:

  • Editorial content must be accurate, clear and factual.
  • Editorial content containing financial offers are updated regularly to ensure accuracy.
  • Editorial content containing reviews of credit cards and other financial services are reviewed objectively based on the actual features of the product.
  • BadCredit.org’s editorial staff is separate and independent of its advertisers.
  • BadCredit.org’s editorial staff does not receive any compensation directly from advertisers.
  • Writing favorable or unfavorable reviews for products or partners is not a factor in staff evaluations or performance reviews.
  • Our editorial integrity process ensures that content is not compromised by advertiser influence.
  • BadCredit.org’s editorial staff consists of professional writers who have strong backgrounds in personal finance and related topics. Many of our writers are leading experts who appear in credible national outlets such as CNN, ABC, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, and more.

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Meet Our Editorial Team

Learn more about the people who create content for BadCredit including their background, experiance and media appearances.

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Contributing Experts

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BadCredit.org Staff

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