10 Best Bankruptcy Blogs of 2014

BadCredit.org Staff
By: BadCredit.org Staff
Updated: June 23, 2020
From big names to up-and-comers, BadCredit.org experts share their picks for the top resources in the personal finance industry.

When repayments and bills become too much for you to handle, bankruptcy offers a fresh start. But that doesn’t mean the decision is easy. There are plenty of ramifications to consider as well.

With all of the pros and cons, the process can seem overwhelming as the debt itself.

That’s why there are experts out there who offer their insight and experience to help you make informed decisions. These 10 blogs cover bankruptcy in a way that’s straightforward and engaging. They teach you what you need to know, making this once-daunting subject a bit more manageable.

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American Bankruptcy Institute
American Bankruptcy Institute

Founded in 1982, ABI is the largest multidisciplinary organization whose purpose is to research and educate on matters of bankruptcy. Their expertise carries through to their site, where they provide access to their publications, multiple online resources and bankruptcy statistics.

Social Clout: 2,710+ Twitter followers; 1,615+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @abiworld

URL: abiworld.org


Nolo is a go-to source for debtors and lawyers that breaks down bankruptcy law into something everyone can understand. They keep you updated on foreclosures, alert you to the latest scams and answer debt-related questions from real people. When you follow their insight, you’ve got nothing to fear from bankruptcy.

Social Clout: 11,315+ Facebook likes; 4,160+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @NoloLaw

URL: blog.nolo.com/bankruptcy

Weil Bankruptcy Blog
Weil Bankruptcy Blog

Even though it’s published by Weil’s Business Finance and Restructuring Department, partners and associates from across the firm contribute to this blog. Since Weil is highly regarded as having the world’s best restructuring practice, their thoughts are invaluable — their market leading chapter 11 bankruptcy practice can teach you so much.

Social Clout: 4,850+ Twitter followers; 335+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @WeilGotshal

URL: business-finance-restructuring.weil.com

In the (RED)
In the (RED)

When a business files bankruptcy, the impact on everyone involved can be a major disruption. Bob Eisenbach, of Cooley LLP, launched the blog as a way for business leaders to stay updated on important business bankruptcy issues and developments. With the latest court cases and decisions, this blog will make sure you’re in the know.

Social Clout: 445+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @BobEisenbach

URL: bankruptcy.cooley.com

Start Fresh Today
Start Fresh Today

In response to 2005’s Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, Start Fresh Today was born. Their team of technology professionals and bankruptcy attorneys use their site to create a site that works for attorneys, agencies and consumers. They provide you with solid information and the choices you need to make a fresh start.

Social Clout: 470+ Twitter followers; 170+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @startfreshtoday

URL: blog.startfreshtoday.com

Allmand Law
Allmand Law

At Allman Law, they dedicate themselves to helping people through debt crises. They want to teach you how to take control of your finances and your future. That’s why their blog is rife with tips for handling bankruptcy — before, during and after the fact. They’re with you every step of the way.

Social Clout: 3,875+ Facebook likes; 520+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @AllmandLaw

URL: allmandlaw.com/bankruptcy-blog

Michigan Bankruptcy Blog
Michigan Bankruptcy Blog

This blog, run by Foster Swift Collins and Smith, offers updates from the bankruptcy courts in Michigan. These decisions can have a major impact on debtors, creditors and trustees, especially because the case law is always evolving. They use the blog as a forum to discuss new cases and the benefits they might bring for those involved with bankruptcy.

Social Clout: 375+ Twitter followers; 265+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @Foster_Swift

URL: michbankruptcyblog.com

The Finance and Bankruptcy Law Blog
The Finance and Bankruptcy Law Blog

Shepard Mullin presents The Finance and Bankruptcy Law Blog, created to provide advice for financial institutions on the current issues that matter most. They also offer insight into the best practices to tackle the many multidisciplinary problems that often accompany bankruptcy.

Social Clout: 2,075+ Twitter followers; 380+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @SheppardMullin

URL: bankruptcylawblog.com

Credit Slips
Credit Slips

Credit Slips is a blog that covers all things related to bankruptcy, credit, consumers and financial institutions. It is run by more than a dozen academics with advanced knowledge of these fields. They use this space to discuss and debate relevant issues and policies, ensuring you know even more than everything you need to know.

Social Clout: 870+ Twitter followers; 115+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @CreditSlips

URL: creditslips.org

A Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer's Blog
A Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer's Blog

Steve Sather is a bankruptcy lawyer from Texas who loves to discuss current bankruptcy cases and issues. Whether they’re legally significant or simply make for a good story, you can bet he’ll write about them. He strives to keep you updated on bankruptcy issues in Texas and beyond, providing thoughtful commentary.

Social Clout: 15+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @SatherBkr

URL: stevesathersbankruptcynews.blogspot.com

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