10 Best Finance Blogs for College Graduates

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10 Best Finance Blogs for College Graduates

When you graduate college, it’s one of those monumental moments in life – thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

If you’ve just graduated and are wondering what comes next, check out our 10 Best Finance Blogs for College Graduates. You’ll be glad you did.

Green Panda Treehouse greenpandatreehouse.com
Green Panda Treehouse

Bragging Rights: personal finance for the 20s

Green Panda Treehouse is a refreshing and upbeat blog aimed at college students and recent graduates. The blog consists of stories from four different experts, all of whom used life experiences to rebuild credit and escape debt. They consistently feature tips for every occasion, including holiday shopping and early retirement planning.

Social Clout: 4,304+ followers

URL: http://www.greenpandatreehouse.com/

Yes I Am Cheap yesiamcheap.com
Yes I Am Cheap

Bragging Rights: getting out of some serious debt

Yes I Am Cheap is a sharply designed blog packed with information on everything finance. Categories cover getting out of debt, dealing with credit cards and actually “learning something.” As the author fights her way out of a massive debt, this sharp 35-year-old is candid about frugality. Posts like “Common Purchasing Mistakes and How to Fix Them” are detailed and lively.

Social Clout: 3,175+ followers, 501+ likes

URL: http://yesiamcheap.com/

Money After Graduation moneyaftergraduation.com
Money After Graduation

Bragging Rights: achieving financial independence

From lead author Bridget, once burdened with student loan debt, comes Money After Graduation, a blog about giving up a love for expensive living for a life of financial freedom. Gillian and Erin round out her team with posts like “My New Budget is Depressing (But Still Functional)” and “Being Frugal at Home.”

Social Clout: 1,059+ followers, 225 likes

URL: http://www.moneyaftergraduation.com/

Big City, Beer Budget bigcitybeerbudget.blogspot.com
Big City, Beer Budget

Bragging Rights: being debt-free feels better than spending

Big City, Beer Budget is drawn around a young woman who managed to pay off $33,000 in student loans and made her dream of home ownership come true within a year of graduating. Her strengths and secrets are behind her articles, with easy-to-follow lists of liabilities, incomes and thoughtful ways to reconcile the two. An emergency fund and calendar goals are tracked for accountability.

Social Clout: 73+ followers

URL: http://bigcitybeerbudget.blogspot.com/

Figuring Money Out figuringmoneyout.com
Figuring Money Out

Bragging Rights: a personal finance instruction manual

Figuring Money Out is a blog that helps people cut their expenses, improve their saving patterns and plan ahead for a prosperous future. The driving force behind it is a 20-something girl with a level head and an eye toward tomorrow. Cracking down on utility costs and controlling “Credit Card Love” are examined on multiple fronts, which creates more in-depth content for the reader to enjoy.

URL: http://www.figuringmoneyout.com/

Jessie's Money and Jordan's Too jessiesmoney.blogspot.com
Jessie's Money and Jordan's Too

Bragging Rights: a personal finance journey

Here Jessie chronicles her successful journey through paying off a mountain of student loan and credit card debt. She and her husband, Jordan, have since been strategically building their credit and retooling their savings plan. She breaks down everything, from vacation savings to the trade-in value of a car, in graphs and pie charts, making it easy to follow.

URL: http://jessiesmoney.blogspot.com/

Stacking Pennies stackingpennies.wordpress.com
Stacking Pennies

Bragging Rights: saving, spending and other adventures

Six years ago, this Midwesterner picked up and moved to California after college, beginning this blog to track and better understand finances and growing debt. Now the author is leaving the beach life to start a new chapter and take readers along for the ride. Articles like “Buying My Way Out of Problems” and “A Few September Goals” chart the progress every step of the way.

URL: http://stackingpennies.wordpress.com/

Digging Out of Debt gazelleintense.blogspot.com
Digging Out of Debt

Bragging Rights: one spoonful at a time

“Two sisters, two families, one huge boatload of debt” is the recipe behind this funny and friendly site surrounding two growing families. Sarah and Jenny’s goals and debt are tracked, with clear commentary on helping each other save, earn more and find great bargains. Since beginning the blog in 2011, they have kept each other accountable and have seen dreams attained.

URL: http://gazelleintense.blogspot.com/

Graduated Learning graduatedlearning.wordpress.com
Graduated Learning

Bragging Rights: I got my degree. I got a new job. Now what?

Steph is a MIT graduate learning to balance her emergency fund, 401(k), Roth IRA and student loans “while still enjoying the life of a young Boston-area professional.” Freshly-engaged, she looks at wedding savings and plans for the future as they build a debt-free life. Included is her series “A Graduate’s Guide to Being a Grown-up,” which takes a direct but lighthearted look at responsible spending.

URL: http://graduatedlearning.wordpress.com/

Free Money Finance freemoneyfinance.com
Free Money Finance

Bragging Rights: growing your net worth

The Free Money Finance author is still very excited about the American dream, coming from a family that fought its way to the middle class as a way to send their child to college. Now the author is chasing that dream further by sharing strategies for earning and saving more while still having a satisfying life. Career management is emphasized with an eye toward spotting opportunity and making wise choices one at a time.

URL: http://www.freemoneyfinance.com/

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