10 Best Finance Blogs for Beginners

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10 Best Finance Blogs for Beginners

Finding your sea legs when it comes to money management is crucial to making sense of the markets.

You can’t walk until you crawl, so our 10 Best Finance Blogs for Beginners were selected for how well they offer an informative and educational starting point for those just learning the ropes.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich iwillteachyoutoberich.com
I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Bragging Rights: half a million visitors monthly

Stanford grad Ramit Sethi studied technology and psychology, but his true passion is finance. The best-selling author’s first book is still widely in demand nearly five years after publication, mainly thanks to his lively and friendly style of helping others learn to tame the finance beast.

Social Clout: 60,900+ followers

URL: http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/

Money Under 30 moneyunder30.com
Money Under 30

Bragging Rights: simple. honest. personal finance

David Weliver is the editor of Money Under 30. He always encourages readers to sharpen their money skills with knowledge and helps provide those sharpening tools with strong content on managing debt more effectively, understanding investments and earning your full potential, as well as tips for tracking credit scores and interest rates.

Social Clout: 8,571+ followers, 6,536+ likes

URL: http://www.moneyunder30.com/

Five Cent Nickel fivecentnickel.com
Five Cent Nickel

Bragging Rights: because money matters

Tips, tricks and commentary are offered at Five Cent Nickel. Host Nickel has always been good with money, and now he aims to share that natural skill with readers through thoughtful, original content. He writes in a personal way that’s very relatable and frequently brings real-world examples to demonstrate success or failure.

Social Clout: 5,755+ followers, 474+ likes

URL: http://www.fivecentnickel.com/

Oblivious Investor obliviousinvestor.com
Oblivious Investor

Bragging Rights: low-maintenance investing

Oblivious Investor was practically custom built for the beginners. The site understands the need to keep things simple for a topic that overwhelms many. Mike Piper’s cheerful and well-grounded advice has been featured everywhere from Forbes to AARP, where his brand of simple, low-maintenance investing has won over a number of followers.

Social Clout: 2,883+ followers, 317+ likes

URL: http://www.obliviousinvestor.com/

Amateur Asset Allocator amateurassetallocator.com
Amateur Asset Allocator

Bragging Rights: personal finance for the rest of us

Based in Atlanta, 20-something Kyle is a finance guru studying everything from investing and mutual funds, to entrepreneurship and “business in general,” as he puts it. He turns his passion for understanding money into a stellar and extensive blog, with great posts like “3 Reasons Saving for Retirement Should Be Legally Mandatory.”

Social Clout: 824+ followers

URL: http://amateurassetallocator.com/

Planting Dollars plantingdollars.com
Planting Dollars

Bragging Rights: seeding your financial freedom

Planting Dollars celebrates success in posts like “A Millionaire Parking Lot Attendant,” while educating readers on the finer details of money management. From blogger Ryan, the site tackles issues of debt control, gauging real value in real estate and structuring a savings plan.

Social Clout: 554+ followers, 67+ likes

URL: http://www.plantingdollars.com/

Beginners Invest beginnersinvest.about.com
Beginners Invest

Bragging Rights: strong savings strategies

This is About.com’s blog for early investors, where host Joshua Kennon digs deep into several subject matters closely detailing all aspects for the novice investor. He carefully breaks down how the markets work in pieces like “The Underlying Four Sources of Wealth That Give Investments Their Value.”

Social Clout: 300+ likes, 81+ followers

URL: http://beginnersinvest.about.com/

20s Money 20smoney.com
20s Money

Bragging Rights: how bullish is your future?

20s Money is a site aimed at helping young people get a firm grasp on their finances. This insightful blog covers not just issues of investing and properly protecting your savings, but it also focuses on finding better value in high-dollar decisions like home improvement and health care.

URL: http://20smoney.com/

First Million at 33 1stmillionat33.com
First Million at 33

Bragging Rights: humble thoughts on the journey to wealth

Since April 2006, the blogger nicknamed “Frugal” has been sharing his secrets to building wealth one dollar at a time on the First Million at 33 blog. His advice is often built around finding value in every purchase and tracking your own expenses closely. From mortgages and taxes, to real estate and retirement, he even peppers in his favorite new-age musicians.

URL: http://www.1stmillionat33.com/

Online Investing AI onlineinvestingai.com
Online Investing AI

Bragging Rights: the latest, most useful info about investing

Matt and George kicked off Online Investing AI to track their views and endeavors in the business world, ultimately aiming to develop technologies that would help people retire early. They give a lot of thought to retiring properly and the planning it requires. With a no-nonsense style, they manage to infuse lots of personality.

URL: http://www.onlineinvestingai.com/

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