9 Best Inspirational Blogs for Debtors

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9 Best Inspirational Blogs for Debtors

Have you gotten yourself into a hole you can’t seem to get out of? Have no fear! Our nine Best Inspirational Blogs for Debtors are here to give you a confidence boost, along with all the tips and tricks you need to get your life back on track.

Work Save Live worksavelive.com
Work Save Live

Bragging Rights: providing hope and conquering fear

The Work Save Live blog is dedicated to changing how Americans think about careers and money management. The blogger brings his personal experience of eliminating more than $60,000 of debt in just under five years. Topics include useful content like “Why Planning for Christmas in July Makes Sense.”

Social Clout: 6,057+ followers, 1,912+ likes

URL: http://www.worksavelive.com/

Enemy of Debt enemyofdebt.com
Enemy of Debt

Bragging Rights: where behavior meets reality

This bold and focused blog has designated itself the enemy of debt, where Brad Chaffee motivates and inspires readers to understand smarter money management. Team EOD consists of a small group of contributors, each with a specialized approach to conquering debt. Advice also covers other major expenses, such as “Going Commando with Credit.”

Social Clout: 4,132+ followers, 814+ likes

URL: http://www.enemyofdebt.com/

Give Me Back My Five Bucks givemebackmyfivebucks.com
Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Bragging Rights: a quest for financial independence

Krystal Yee is the cheerful face and voice behind this blog, which launched in 2007. Yee is a self-admitted former shopaholic who needed to find a balance in her life and her spending. She managed to restructure and eliminate her debt in impressive time. Yee helps readers break down expenses in a daily calendar, looking for savings in every corner.

Social Clout: 3,637+ followers, 716+ likes

URL: http://www.givemebackmyfivebucks.com/

My Alternate Life my-alternate-life.com
My Alternate Life

Bragging Rights: living alternatively

My Alternate Life focuses on not financing your ideal lifestyle. The Plan Wise section helps you structure a reasonable outline for reducing debt and building savings. Topics like “Personal Finance is Not That Hard” look at real-world choices with practical applications. Tips on building an emergency fund and working a side hustle are also spotlighted.

Social Clout: 1,673+ followers, 1,347+ likes

URL: http://my-alternate-life.com/

Making Sense of Cents makingsenseofcents.com
Making Sense of Cents

Bragging Rights: a journey of budgets, traveling and more

Michelle shares her journey of budgeting, which started off while she paid down student loans. Part of her technique is to avoid credit card debt entirely whenever possible, something she’s always stuck to. Posts like “Should I Pay Off My House Early?” emphasize the need to plan for the future. She also breaks down frugal living to the smallest of expenditures.

Social Clout: 1,590+ followers, 337+ likes

URL: http://www.makingsenseofcents.com/

I Heart Budgets iheartbudgets.net
I Heart Budgets

Bragging Rights: budgets need love too

The I Heart Budgets blogger started his site nearly five years ago as a guide for those who need help navigating financial hazards. Now he thanks the power of budgeting for grounding his spending. Follow his Budgeting Basic to chart out a solid fiscal plan and Budget Friday to break down real spending habits shared by real readers.

Social Clout: 1,770+ followers, 1,426+ likes

URL: http://www.iheartbudgets.net/


A Fist Ful O Dollars afistfulofdollars.wordpress.com
A Fist Ful O Dollars

Bragging rights: nonstop talk about personal finance

A Fist Ful O Dollars comes from a 20-something college graduate who appreciates filmmaker Sergio Leone, who the site’s name is derived from. Posts like “Whoops, Forgot About a Goal or Two” bring a lighthearted approach to the business of responsible finances. Included in the coverage is shopping, buyer’s remorse and ways to save, but goals are at the heart of this blogger’s methodology.

Social Clout: 232+ followers

URL: http://afistfulodollars.wordpress.com/

Kiss Off Debt kissoffdebt.blogspot.com
Kiss Off Debt

Bragging Rights: life, debt and everything in between

The Kiss Off Debt blog follows a 30-something as she builds her credit and plans for her future. Her blog celebrates when goals are met and regroups after things come up short. She shares her current goals to allow readers to track real progress, including her net worth and current mortgage. This real-world offering can help people envision a route for budgeting their finances.

URL: http://kissoffdebt.blogspot.com/

Tales from the Trenches talesandtrenchs.wordpress.com
Tales from the Trenches

Bragging Rights: fighting your way out

Cassie, the blog’s founder, was able to clear nearly $30,000 of debt in under two years, bringing her advice and guidance to others looking for a way out. She brings readers along as she handles house renovations, refinancing and a host of other pitfall topics. Check out “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” for a look at investing and “You Don’t Always Get It Right” on budgeting.

Social Clout: 270+ followers

URL: http://talesandtrenchs.wordpress.com/