10 Best Money Saving Blogs for 2024

10 Best Money Saving Blogs For 2024

Learning to build a nest egg isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. You’ve got to understand your motivations and challenges before you can create a workable plan.

Money-saving advice abounds on the web, but there’s a problem with that, too. People have different motivations and challenges and think and speak differently about money.

That’s why we put this list of the 10 best money saving blogs together so our readers can easily find a blogger who shares their concerns and speaks their language. There’s a blogger here for you, so take a look and start saving.

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Penny Pinchin’ Mom

#1 Money Saving Blog for Moms

Penny Pinchin' Mom logo

Tracie Fobes and her husband paid off $37,000 in debt in two years, so Tracie understands the power of frugality.

Penny Pinchin’ Mom is Tracie’s chronicle of her explorations into saving money and making wiser financial decisions.

Why We Love Penny Pinchin’ Mom

Above all else, Tracie is a wife and mother concerned with reducing the impact of harmful spending on her family.

We love her emphasis on topics that interest moms, including recipes, DIY strategies, coupons, and deals, because they offer practical ways to stretch dollars.

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Skint Dad

#1 Money Saving Blog for Dads

Skint Dad logo

There was a time in the life of UK residents Ricky and Naomi Willis when they had a few pounds to their name and had to resort to the breadline to feed their family.

Skint Dad is the story of how the couple turned those dire straights into financial security with strategies to make, save, and manage money.

Why We Love Skint Dad

Ricky is a self-described money-making enthusiast and doting father who loves discovering new ways to make money.

We love that he puts his “Dad energy” to creative use in providing for his family.

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Fun Cheap or Free

#1 Money Saving Blog for Families

Fun Cheap or Free logo

As a mother of eight, Jordan Page aims to redefine frugal and live an abundant life on any budget.

She started Fun Cheap or Free as part of her frugal living and budgeting hobby. Now, she’s a media personality and expert who helps thousands of “Freebs” get their financial houses in order.

Why We Love Fun Cheap or Free

We love Fun Cheap or Free for its lighthearted approach to the serious subject of raising a very large family.

Jordan always has encouraging words when it comes to the psychology of success.

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Na Na Pinches Her Pennies

#1 Money Saving Blog for Seniors

Na Na Pinches Her Pennies logo

Many seniors face the limitations of trying to live an enjoyable life on a fixed income.

Na Na Pinches Her Pennies is the story of how one senior learned valuable financial lessons as she progressed from her rural origins without running water to the modern present.

Why We Love Na Na Pinches Her Pennies

We love Na Na Pinches Her Pennies for its dry humor and its frank assessment of the financial challenges many seniors face.

We also love the blog’s creativity and out-of-the-ordinary solutions to practical problems.

Key Info

  • Launched in: 2013
  • Read about Na Na Pinches Her Pennies here
  • Socials: YouTube

Len Penzo Dot Com

#1 Money Saving Blog for Gen X

Len Penzo Dot Com logo

Len Penzo is a highly accomplished electrical engineer who retired at 58 after a 35-year career with a Gen Xer’s philosophy of personal responsibility.

Len Penzo Dot Com is Len’s humorous but illuminating look into his personal finance management strategy, which he has honed since high school.

Why We Love Len Penzo Dot Com

Len paid for college without taking out loans. Instead he depended solely on the money he saved working as a teenager and what he earned at jobs between classes to pay for his tuition and related expenses.

We love that he has dedicated his blog to helping consumers transform their lives financially.

Key Info

  • Launched in: 2008
  • Read about Len Penzo here
  • Socials: Facebook / X

Budgets Are Sexy

#1 Money Saving Blog for Millennials

Budgets Are Sexy logo

J. Money is a quintessential millennial with an irreverent approach to money management.

Budgets Are Sexy is the story of how he learned that the purpose of financial discipline is the freedom it brings.

Why We Love Budgets Are Sexy

Budgets Are Sexy tackles financial failures and successes. We love that frank approach to a topic many bloggers shy away from.

The point is that taking action is the only way to learn success. J. Money is a man of action.

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The College Investor

#1 Money Saving Blog for Gen Z

The College Investor logo

If there’s one thing all financial counselors have in common, it’s that they recommend investing early to take advantage of compounding.

The College Investor shows how to eliminate student loan debt early to put money to more critical use.

Why We Love The College Investor

Robert Farrington, The College Investor’s Founder, is one of those naturals in money management, but he understands others may not have that skill.

We love that the blog handles everything from the basics to more advanced money management and investing topics.

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$5 Dinners

#1 Money Saving Blog for Home Chefs

$5 Dinners logo

Most people understand that frequently eating out is a recipe for financial disaster. Yet they continue to do it because figuring out how to cook at home leads to even more disasters.

As a mother of three, Erin Chase offers tips and tricks for kitchen success in $5 Dinners.

Why We Love $5 Dinners

5 Dollar Dinners is a blog about finding the best way to stretch a food budget without boring your family.

We love that the blog has endless recipes and strategies for putting nourishing yet exciting food on the table.

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The DIY Playbook

#1 Money Saving Blog for DIYers

The DIY Playbook logo

One big key to saving money is learning how to do things for yourself around the house.

The DIY Playbook is Casey Finn’s story of how she and her husband learned to renovate and decorate their home.

Why We Love The DIY Playbook

Home renovation doesn’t mesh with financial planning unless you have the skills to choose the right projects at the right time for the right money.

We love that Casey shows readers how to stay within budget yet turn their homes into beautiful, nurturing sanctuaries.

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The Poor Traveler

#1 Money Saving Blog for Travelers

The Poor Travelers logo

You may think travel is a topic that doesn’t mesh with saving money. But at The Poor Traveler, Yosh Dimen and Vins Carlos teach travelers that the destination is worth the journey.

Follow along to make the most of your travel budget by making the right choices.

Why We Love The Poor Traveler

Yosh and Vins are seasoned travelers who counsel that the cheapest travel choices aren’t always the wisest.

We love their blog because it’s written from the point of view of travelers who truly love exploring new places.

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If this list of the 10 best money-saving blogs teaches us anything, it’s that people from all walks of life and all income brackets find reasons to up their money-saving game.

That’s because spending everything you’ve got as soon as you get it is a recipe for ending up with nothing.

We hope we’ve inspired and motivated you to put some cash away for a rainy day.