10 Best Finance Blogs for College Students in 2023

10 Best Finance Blogs For College Students In 2023

There’s no better time than the present to start your financial journey. As a US college student, you may think you’re not well positioned to take the long view and begin preparing for your financial future.

But you’d be wrong — it’s a good thing we’re not giving you a grade. All kidding aside, delaying financial planning until the “right” time can bring consequences you can’t easily remedy.

Luckily, we’re here to help with this merit-based list of the 10 best finance blogs for college students. No matter who you are or where you come from, your college years are a great time to build skills for prioritizing your money.

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Best for Investing Insights: The College Investor

The College Investor logo

It turns out the stock market isn’t just for men in suits. Robert Farrington, proprietor at The College Investor, leads a team dedicated to helping students pay off their student loan debt to build real wealth for the future. The site offers tools and resources to get started and impartial reviews of many platforms.

That’s not all. The College Investor is ultimately a one-stop shop to save for college, deal with student loans, earn extra income, build wealth, and manage your money with intention.

More About The College Investor

  • When Robert was 13, he wanted to prepare his taxes because he thought earning enough money to pay taxes was cool
  • Later, when he studied for his MBA, he realized many of his peers were clueless about money, so he decided to help

Best for Gamers and Techies: Wealth of Geeks

Wealth of Geeks logo

College is a time for trying different lifestyles, but if you’re a gamer or techie, you may have settled early on an identity you’ll carry around forever. If that sounds like you, Wealth of Geeks is your jam.

Not only does the team at Wealth of Geeks present a wealth of actionable info about saving, making, growing, and protecting money, there’s a copious amount of content on geek topics, including anime, comics, fandoms, and games.

More About Wealth of Geeks

  • Lifestyle info on living smart covers basics like travel, food, cars, and careers
  • The vibe on the site is less about being frugal and more about making financial room to live the life you love

Best for Private Student Loans: College Ave

College Ave logo

If you’re a college student who doesn’t know about FAFSA and the federal student aid system, you live in another universe compared to most degree seekers. But you may not know how readily available loans from private sources are.

College Ave exists to shine a light on private loan opportunities without a hard sell because they have advantages and disadvantages. Meanwhile, the blog on the site impartially covers all student loan basics, including loans, grants, and the many nuances involved in financing an education.

More About College Ave

  • The site aims to reduce financial stress associated with college for students and parents
  • The team works individually with applicants to ensure a perfect financial fit

Best for Financial Independence: Our Rich Journey

Our Rich Journey logo

Our Rich Journey is a blog about how one family worked the financial system to save, earn, and invest enough to achieve financial freedom. The site also provides coursework to help individuals and families achieve the same goals in a format familiar to college-age individuals.

The Our Rich Journey blog is appropriate for college students because it focuses on how every family member contributes to the unit’s common goal. That makes it great for young people who are ambitious enough to take a long view financially.

More About Our Rich Journey

  • The family lives in Portugal, so if you’re interested in living an expat lifestyle, this blog is for you
  • A blog section on couples and money can help couples get the right financial start

Best for Budget Hacks: Young Adult Money

Young Adult Money logo

You don’t want to be in the position David Carlson and his wife, Victoria, were in when they graduated from college with more than $100,000 in student loan debt. The good news is they’ve managed to pay down a lot by focusing on their 9-to-5 jobs, cutting expenses, and incorporating side hustles to earn extra money.

Their blog, Young Adult Money, details the little things David and Victoria do to make their financial lives successful. Free budget and student loan tools and other downloads are available on the site to help.

More About Young Adult Money

  • The blog tracks student loan forgiveness efforts and offers insights about when refinancing student loans is the right idea
  • David and Victoria are into making money from credit card rewards

Best for Financial Education: Get Personal with Finance

Get Personal with Finance logo

John Nguyen has been a practicing financial advisor since 2005, so he knows a thing or two about money. John’s weekly blog on his site, Get Personal with Finance, tackles many topics relevant to college students moving toward financial independence. The site’s learning models are designed to encourage positive behavior and avoid the negative.

Students who register on the site also gain access to a free members-only community and forum to share ideas with peers. John’s approach may be for you if you’re on the fence about finances.

More About Get Personal with Finance

  • John is a member of a Vietnamese immigrant family in the US, and his goal as a financial advisor is to share his passion for financial empowerment with college students
  • One of John’s methods is to get college students to commit to learning and practicing positive financial behaviors

Best for Travelers: Millennial Revolution

Millennial Revolution logo

Millennial Revolution is the story of two former computer engineers who go by the names FIRECracker and Wanderer, who retired at 31 to travel the world. It’s a blog about achieving financial independence, but it’s also about how to live a travel lifestyle on next to nothing.

FIRECracker and Wanderer don’t let financial limitations get in the way of a good time wherever they are, and they recommend you do the same. Check these guys out if you’re in or out of school and unsure whether the daily grind is for you.

More About Millennial Revolution

  • One big way FIRECracker and Wanderer achieved financial independence was by refusing to buy a house
  • Read about their cool adventures and get inspired

Best for Practical Financial Advice: Three Thrifty Guys

Three Thrifty Guys logo

Charlie, Eddie, and Aaron, the Three Thrifty Guys, aren’t wealthy lifestylers with money to spend on frivolities. They and their colleague Matthew, a contributing writer on the site, work regular jobs and live more or less everyday lives.

That makes what they do to make and save money, manage finances, and plan for retirement more relatable. Their blog is a great jumping-off point for students and former students with provider mentalities.

More About Three Thrifty Guys

  • Charlie is an IT professional, Eddie is an ESL teacher, Aaron is a designer, and Matthew is a math teacher
  • Blog content focuses on fitting consumption into a financially responsible lifestyle

Best for Side Hustles: Millennial Money Man

Millennial Money Man logo

Side hustles — earning gig-focused income instead of or in addition to a regular job — is an interest on many financial blogs for college students, but it’s the prime focus at Millennial Money Man. The site is about how to turn side hustles, freelancing, online businesses, and passive income opportunities into a financial future.

Proprietor Bobby Hoyt is living the dream as a full-time blogger, and his story inspires millions to start the journey.

More About Millennial Money Man

  • Bobby is a former band director who paid off $40,000 of student loan debt in 18 months
  • He offers a free side hustle starter course for joining his mailing list

Best for Graduate Students: Personal Finance for PhDs

Personal Finance for PhDs logo

There’s a stereotype of cash-poor doctoral candidates because it’s often the case that PhD students have to make do with much less than other people their age. At Personal Finance for PhDs, Emily Roberts understands the challenges doctoral students often face to implement a budget, save and invest, pay off debt, and figure out taxes because she lived them.

Check out the site if you’re working toward a degree goal, but you’d like to live on something other than ramen noodles.

More About Personal Finance for PhDs

  • Emily launched the site shortly after her PhD defense in 2014
  • A section on home loans for PhD students helps overcome financial barriers to homeownership

Here’s the deal: We won’t give you a quiz if you bookmark this list of the 10 best finance blogs for college students and return to it regularly. We hope we’ve done enough of the up-front work to give you the tools you need to move forward financially, no matter where you are now.

Think of it this way: It’s not easy to graduate from college, but if you can focus on earning a degree, you can focus on managing money and putting that degree to good use. Good luck!