4 Ways to Increase Your Net Worth

4 Ways To Increase Your Net Worth
David Andrew
By: David Andrew
Updated: July 24, 2014
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Your net worth is a good way to measure your current financial situation. Net worth is the difference between your assets, everything you own and your liabilities.

To calculate your net worth, subtract your outstanding debts from the value of all your savings, investments and real estate.

Growing your net worth is an important financial goal. There are four strategies you can start using now to increase your net worth right away.

1. Pay off your debt.

One way to immediately start growing your net worth is to pay down your debt. Debt is a significant drain on your wealth.

Not only does it drag down your net worth, but it also leaves you with less disposable income because of the interest payments. When you pay interest, that money disappears without giving you any financial benefit.

Take a look at your debts and rank them in order of priority in terms of cost. Make a goal to pay off your higher interest credit cards as soon as possible and keep working your way down the list until one day you will be completely debt-free.

2. Save more of your income.

Another way to grow your net worth is to save more of your income. Most purchases do not add anything to your wealth.

When you buy new clothes, go out for dinner or see a movie, you get a temporary bit of pleasure. After that, the money you spent on that purchase is gone. This increases your net worth.

“When you save more,

you will have more.”

3. Invest your savings.

Saving money by itself is already a good start to growing your net worth. You can do even better by saving smart.

This means invest your money in assets that will actually grow over time. If you leave all your money in a savings account, it will not grow.

Instead, consider putting some of your money in the stock market, investment real estate or bonds because these investments actually have a real rate of return. Your money will go to work for you so you will be worth even more later on.

4. Work with a financial professional.

Managing your money can easily become a full-time job, one you probably do not have enough time for. It might be a good idea to meet with a financial professional and discuss your goal of growing your net worth.

A financial adviser can help you find the right investments for your money, figure out a budget so you can save more and make sure your financial life is in good order.

Many Americans do not pay enough attention to growing their net worth, so it is no wonder they fall short of their financial goals.

By following this advice and always looking for ways to grow your wealth, soon you will have a net worth to be proud of.

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