2015’s 10 Best Personal Finance Blogs for Dads

Alexandra Leslie
By: Alexandra Leslie
Updated: March 8, 2016
From big names to up-and-comers, BadCredit.org experts share their picks for the top resources in the personal finance industry.

Whether looking into a newborn’s eyes for the first time or bringing home your fifth bundle of joy, becoming a father brings up all the emotions and responsibilities one can fathom.

One of the most primal instincts of a man is to protect his family — physically, emotionally and financially. Luckily, there’s sound financial advice on all the topics that are important to family men — college funds, credit cards, debt consolidation and more — to be found online.

See why dads everywhere are turning to these personal finance blogs for guidance.

Rich Dad
Rich Dad

Robert Kiyosaki created the Rich Dad network of financial advice more than 10 years ago. He is most famous for writing the bestselling novel “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and working with a myriad of monetary experts throughout his career. The Rich Dad Financial Education Blog offers tips from Kiyosaki’s unorthodox financial mindset that captivates readers the world over. With Rich Dad, rethink personal finance and never look back.

Social Clout: 860K+ Twitter followers; 2.3M+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @theRealKiyosaki

URL: richdad.com

Free From Broke
Free From Broke

Glen Craig is a husband and father of four with a history in finance — financial struggle, that is. He began his finance blogging endeavor after living a life of paycheck-to-paycheck anxiety, drowning in debt. He’s since devoted his life to helping other financially frustrated parents break free from debt, just as he did. Free From Broke translates debt, credit and financial literacy into understandable concepts and attainable goals for your financial future.

Social Clout: 9,070+ Twitter followers; 1,590+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @freefrombroke

URL: freefrombroke.com

Good Financial Cents
Good Financial Cents

Founder of Good Financial Cents, Jeffrey Rose is a certified financial planner, founding CEO of a wealth management firm, a term life insurance company and author of best-seller “Soldier of Finance.” While all that speaks to his credibility as a financial adviser, those aren’t the only reasons young men revisit Good Financial Cents. His skilled breakdown of personal finance laced with sharp humor, witty examples and a dash of sarcasm will leave your dad feeling confident in how he can manage his personal finance history, as well as his family’s future financial needs.

Social Clout: 2,100+ Twitter followers; 6,730+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @jjeffrose


FiveCentNickel is a blog that dads and young families in general will relate to within the first few posts. Offering topics including mortgages, taxes and frugality while employed, self-employed or unemployed, “Nickel” has been sharing his financial wisdom with the world since 2005. His financial experience and drive to help others stems from his love and support of his family.

Social Clout: 6,340+ Twitter followers; 510+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @fcn

URL: fivecentnickel.com

Clever Dude
Clever Dude

The clever man behind Clever Dude doesn’t claim to be a finance professional. However, he has plenty of experience making money, spending money and learning from his mistakes. Clever Dude takes this life experience and shares it with young men who are in need of a good laugh and some guidance during financially rough patches. His posts include shares of his trials and tribulations of personal finance as well as resourceful insights for frugal living.

Social Clout: 2,050+ Twitter followers; 85+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @cleverdude


Money Under 30
Money Under 30

Founder and editor David Weliver created Money Under 30 to help people in all stages of life manage their money responsibly. Realizing rules don’t work for everyone and that personal finance is personal, Weliver’s delivers clear guidelines for financial navigation. With his unique psychological perspective on personal finance and a focus on the future, it’s no wonder Money Under 30 was chosen by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance as one of “10 Money and Finance Blogs Your Should Read.”

Social Clout: 10,300+ Twitter followers; 17,465+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @MoneyUnder30

URL: moneyunder30.com

Young Adult Money
Young Adult Money

Young Adult Money is all about just that: financial living for young adults. With topics including careers, real estate, investment and travel expenses, the blog covers all the financial topics swirling around in the minds of young, first-time fathers or fathers-to-be. Starting a family is a scary, beautiful adventure in any financial circumstance. Young Adult Money is helping dads save more, earn more and ultimately better the financial future for their families.

Social Clout: 6,735+ Twitter followers; 5,015+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @YoungAdultMoney

URL: youngadultmoney.com


Thousandaire is perfect for the younger crowd of dads (whether in age or at heart) who need a dash of entertainment with their finance education. Author Kevin McKee brings a whole new level of personal to personal finance by including anecdotes such as his mother’s battle with cancer or the budget plan for his own wedding. Expect helpful financial guidance for bachelor living, unexpected (and expensive) obstacles, embarking on new financial endeavors and more. Thousandaire teaches young men how to become “thousandaires” so one day they might become millionaires.

Social Clout: 1,935+ Twitter followers; 585+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @iAmKevinMcKee

URL: thousandaire.com

Money Spruce
Money Spruce

Jeffrey Trull “planted” Money Spruce to serve as a resource for individuals who want to enhance their economic well-being without uprooting their whole lives. His financial advice, though he admits is sometimes radical, is completely doable, and that’s what keeps dads coming back for more. Frugality, credit and savings are just a few of the personal finance arenas the Money Spruce has dug its roots into. These discussions apply to everyday life, and the suggestions offer the opportunity to exchange stress and worry for a happier and healthier financial lifestyle.

Social Clout: 5,320+ Twitter followers; 410+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @jeffreytrull

URL: moneyspruce.com

The Debt Movement
The Debt Movement

With a family history of fathers struggling with debt, Jeffrey Rose has made a career out of helping other young dads win the battle with credit, loan and debt failure — or just avoid it all together, preferably. The Debt Movement began as an online community challenge to tackle $10,000,000 of debt in just 90 days. Today’s there’s an entire “Debt Squad” offering you guerrilla tactics to maneuver personal finances, avoid economic mine fields and come out a victorious financial soldier.

Social Clout: 1,070+ Twitter followers; 1,775+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @caseynlewis

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