10 Best Finance Blogs for Families

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10 Best Finance Blogs for Families

Keeping your finances in order isn’t just a one-man job. It takes the whole family! With our 10 Best Finance Blogs for Families, the tips are catered to your needs and everyone gets in on the fun.

See Debt Run seedebtrun.com
See Debt Run

Bragging Rights: chasing down a better life

See Debt Run is the story of Jefferson and Michelle, two normal people who battled debt to come out on the other side. Their blog’s common-sense style is reflected with an inviting atmosphere free of judgement. Understanding and tackling debt is their game plan, which includes thoughtful content on savings, parenting and planning ahead.

Social Clout: 4,735+ followers, 1,693+ likes

URL: http://seedebtrun.com/

Mom's Plans momsplans.com
Mom's Plans

Bragging Rights: planning life one stage at a time

The core of Mom’s Plans is to take money management down to the day-to-day level. Finding great deals is another cornerstone, with tips for eating out economically, saving on organic food and purchasing school supplies for the kids. Everything you could ever think of is tracked, from weekly menu planning to the retirement fund.

Social Clout: 2,502+ likes, 1,896+ followers

URL: http://www.momsplans.com

Family Balance Sheet familybalancesheet.org
Family Balance Sheet

Bragging Rights: where family, life and finances meet

The Family Balance Sheet is chock-full of content about a family’s bottom line. Kristia is a mom on a mission, determined to help other moms live well on less. The interactive site looks at long-term Christmas planning, finding great food on a budget and making some “me time” for Mom.

Social Clout: 1,900+ followers, 967+ likes

URL: http://www.familybalancesheet.org/

Mom and Dad Money momanddadmoney.com
Mom and Dad Money

Bragging Rights: from one parent to another

Matt Becker’s blog offers a direct and friendly voice on everything from estate planning and investing, to picking the right insurance. As a new father, Becker focuses on the growing family angle, with guidance for singles and college students as well. There’s a variety of topics, including how budgeting is good for the soul and how to avoid the pitfalls of selling a car.

Social Clout: 240+ followers, 24+ likes

URL: http://momanddadmoney.com/

Family Money Values familymoneyvalues.com
Family Money Values

Bragging Rights: using values to keep wealth and well-being

Family Money Values was built around giving ordinary people the tools and tips usually reserved for the top 1 percent. The site strives to help readers learn to pass the wealth onto the next generation with wise investing and proper planning. As such, transferring wealth is a major focus. Bonus: The Build Your Legacy section looks at the big picture.

Social Clout: 182+ likes, 154+ followers

URL: http://www.familymoneyvalues.com/

Absolutely Sweet Chaos absolutelysweetchaos.blogspot.com
Absolutely Sweet Chaos

Bragging Rights: ever busy, ever changing, ever so sweet

At Absolutely Sweet Chaos, Jennifer tracks her family’s ongoing effort to escape debt, clearing more than $50,000 since 2009. She’s open about the challenges and frustrations of living under that cloud, offering guidance and tips for sunnier days ahead. Goals are emphasized with a separate section, along with parenting pieces and a bit about everyday activities.

URL: http://absolutelysweetchaos.blogspot.com/

Money Saving Wife moneysavingwife.blogspot.com
Money Saving Wife

Bragging Rights: staying accountable and paying down debt

Money Saving Wife is a blog meant to help Mindy and her family remain accountable for their savings and getting rid of their debt. It’s a refreshing style, with special attention paid to affording their fertility efforts. Not adding more debt to your debt is key, so keep an eye out for that content. Sidebar graphs chart her every move in The Baby Emergency Fund and Evil Credit Cards.

URL: http://moneysavingwife.blogspot.com/

Family Of Four Debt Blog familyoffourdebtblog.blogspot.com
Family Of Four Debt Blog

Bragging Rights: going from big debt to no debt

Midwesterner Michelle started her site after “breaking up” with her credit cards, beginning a journey to better understand and eventually conquer her own debt. The diary-style content charts “Too Much Stuff” and her efforts to clear clutter – physically and financially.

URL: http://familyoffourdebtblog.blogspot.com/

One Family, One Income onefamilyoneincome.blogspot.com
One Family, One Income

Bragging Rights: for sole income earners

One Family, One Income from comes a single mom of two who is now the sole breadwinner and shares how she frugally traverses the financial landscape. Her archive goes back to early 2010, a steady stream of content related to not sacrificing happiness for debt. The details matter, as savings and decisions are tracked down to even the pharmacy level.

URL: http://onefamilyoneincome.blogspot.com/

Getting Us There gettingusthere.blogspot.com
Getting Us There

Bragging Rights: you can get there too

Getting Us There is led by Sass, a single mom who is working toward home ownership and planning for her teenager’s fast-approaching college tuition. An active site with hundreds of postings, the style is light and direct with a sense of humor. Tip: What’s the main part of Sass’ plan? Frequently reviewing her goals and adjusting as needed.

URL: http://gettingusthere.blogspot.com/

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