10 Best Sustainable Finance Blogs

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10 Best Sustainable Finance Blogs

What’s here today is not always here tomorrow, but with advice and guidance from our 10 Best Sustainable Finance Blogs, growing your wealth into something sustainable becomes very much attainable.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter prairieecothrifter.com
Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Bragging Rights: go green. save money.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter aims to help you reach sustainable wealth while living healthy and going green. Sections on money, career and travel stress the many ways to maximize a family’s budget. Eco-awareness is highlighted with great tips for saving money while going green, with a great compilation of money advice and wisdom.

Social Clout: 2,200+ followers, 1,715+ likes

URL: http://prairieecothrifter.com/

Ultimate Money Blog ultimatemoneyblog.com
Ultimate Money Blog

Bragging Rights: save money and live green

Ultimate Money Blog offers great information and pointers from Mrs. Money, a self-described frugal and money-conscious person. The site offers a variety of tips on saving more, living green, getting out of debt and living simply. “Life After Student Loans” profiles her and her husband’s success climb out of tuition debt.

Social Clout: 150+ likes

URL: http://ultimatemoneyblog.com/

Sustainable Finance Geneva sfgeneva.org
Sustainable Finance Geneva

Bragging Rights: promoting sustainability and responsiblity

Sustainable Finance Geneva is a stylish and well-stocked site that focuses a good deal on impact investing and how to grasp the fundamentals of making money with the market. Microfinance and soft markets are explained, with clear guidance on how to prepare for a initial buy, and the news section searches out the related coverage.

Social Clout: 407+ followers

URL: http://www.sfgeneva.org/

Sustainable Finance Blog sustainable-finance-blog.blogspot.com
Sustainable Finance Blog

Bragging Rights: two powerful advisers on one site

Johanna Hoopes is the MBA and marketer behind Sustainable Finance Blog, which emphasizes networking “like a machine” and never missing potential opportunities. Lots of strong original content fills the site, including tips on investing in emerging markets and avoiding fraud.

Social Clout: 2,285+ followers, 55+ likes

URL: http://sustainable-finance-blog.blogspot.com/

Sustainable Financial Markets sustainablefinancialmarkets.net
Sustainable Financial Markets

Bragging Rights: the time to act is now

With an extensive archive dating back more than five years, Sustainable Financial Markets dives deep into the waters of building sustainable wealth. Understanding the fundamentals is key. The partners each recognized the need for fundamental changes to improve financial market integrity and efficiency, which led to the launch of the site.

Social Clout: 312+ followers

URL: http://www.sustainablefinancialmarkets.net/

Green Biz greenbiz.com
Green Biz

Bragging Rights: clear, concise, accurate and balanced

Green Biz comes from a passionate team that loves sustainable energies and wealth. The site also has great coverage of the latest in market movers, CEO shake-ups and investment bellwethers. A massive following keeps the conversation going between the bulls and the bears. Check out the direct links to Greenbiz TV original videos.

Social Clout: 45,493+ followers, 7,006

URL: http://www.greenbiz.com/

Sustainable Personal Finance sustainablepersonalfinance.com
Sustainable Personal Finance

Bragging Rights: balancing finance and sustainable living

A Canadian couple helms Sustainable Personal Finance, all built around growing a nest egg and keeping it well protected. Much of the content is on balancing personal financial goals with a sustainable lifestyle. Aiming to retire early, the two each contribute a good bit to the site and track their progress.

Social Clout: 2,318+ followers, 920+ likes

URL: http://sustainablepersonalfinance.com/

Institute for New Economic Thinking ineteconomics.org
Institute for New Economic Thinking

Bragging Rights: an entire institute at your disposal

Institute for New Economic Thinking is a tightly-designed blog that offers a even split between recent blog posts and uploaded videos. Much of the content is original, with hard-core experts offering detailed insight. New economic thinking is called for in terms of earning, spending, investing and growing.

Social Clout: 129,000+ likes, 19,120+ followers

URL: http://ineteconomics.org/

Sustainable Life Blog sustainablelifeblog.com
Sustainable Life Blog

Bragging Rights: are you ready for a greener life?

Jeffrey admits he’s not an expert but an enthusiast in going green since a young age. He brings strong experience and a determination to make a difference. Sustainable Life Blog offers clear guidance on saving for the future, understanding your 401(k) options and deciphering “Career Geometry.”

Social Clout: 351+ likes, 1,738+ followers

URL: http://sustainablelifeblog.com/

Sustainable Finance Advisory sustainablefinanceadvisory.com
Sustainable Finance Advisory

Bragging Rights: sustainable finance approaches, solutions and outcomes 

A seven-member team compiles Sustainable Finance Advisory, with unique original content and news on sustaining wealth successfully. Posts like “Finance and Human Rights – Strange Bedfellows?” offer fresh insights into the strange new world of money-making. Bonus: The site features a complete breakdown of their current projects and clients.

Social Clout: 21+ followers

URL: http://sustainablefinanceadvisory.com/

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