My Millennial Guide Points Readers Toward Financial Strategies to Boost Their Knowledge and Incomes

My Millennial Guide Helps Readers Learn How To Earn Extra Income

In a Nutshell:  My Millennial Guide is a website that promotes financially healthy lifestyles. Brian Meiggs, the site’s Founder, provides laser-focused insights to help readers avoid financial pitfalls and make smart money decisions. My Millennial Guide offers numerous strategies for readers seeking additional income. Meiggs interacts with his community of readers via email and social media.

Personal finance can be a tricky subject to master. After all, most high schools and colleges don’t offer classes in the subject, and figuring out which approaches to personal finance work best through trial and error can be time-consuming and costly. Fortunately, people can turn to the internet to glean the wisdom of personal finance experts. 

Brian Meiggs is the Founder of My Millennial Guide, a website that teaches readers how to manage their finances and earn extra income. We spoke with Meiggs to learn more about his personal finance journey and how he shares his insights with the public.

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Meiggs said he’s always been interested in personal finance and earning money through side hustles. He said his passion for side hustles started in high school, where he sold iPhones for profit. Meiggs said his foray into day trading taught him that he could make money quickly at a relatively young age.

Meiggs attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, where he majored in finance. He said that despite earning a stable income and starting to progress in his career in the financial sector, he desired more flexibility in his life.

Meiggs said he decided to make a list of different business ideas that could help him attain the flexibility he yearned for. He said one of his ideas was a money guide for millennials.

“My Millennial Guide started as one of my business ideas that I thought could bring more flexibility into my life, and I just decided to go for it,” Meiggs said. “I literally just went all-in. It was something I worked on during the weekends and after work each day. I just put all my time into it and decided to give it all my attention. That’s how it started and developed into what it is today.”

All Blogs Are Not Created Equal

My Millennial Guide began as a project solely managed by Meiggs. Over time, Meiggs said he began collaborating with a group of remote workers who helped him with the different tasks involved with managing a comprehensive financial website. 

He said his current team helps with aspects of My Millennial Guide and the other websites he owns, including BeerMoney, which takes its name from a Reddit community. Meiggs said he also partners with specialists who help him manage social media platforms and email marketing initiatives.

The internet is home to numerous blogs covering a plethora of topics. Meiggs said many personal finance blogs teach people the basics of money management, but, in establishing My Millennial Guide, he sought to deliver niche content that addressed the questions people have about personal finance. He said people turn to the internet to find ways to earn specific amounts of money in short periods of time, and My Millennial Guide provides the information they seek.

Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs is the Founder of My Millennial Guide.

“People will search for ways to make $100 overnight, or how to make $500 in two days or something similar to that,” Meiggs said. “So I took those keywords and wrote about them based on my personal experiences. That drove a lot of traffic to the site. And I think that’s how Google determined that my website was providing a lot of value, and it ranked me highly. The site just kind of took off from there.”

In addition to providing advice about personal finance, My Millennial Guide offers educational content concerning investments and insurance. Meiggs said he strives to write about money matters in a way his readers can easily understand, and he infuses his content with real-life examples. He said his blog posts are honest and empower his readers to adopt financial management strategies that can improve their lives.

Actionable Insights Resonate With Readers

According to researchers, millennials were born between 1981 and 1996. Meiggs said millennials face unique challenges, but they still have time to get their financial affairs in order before retirement. He said millennials are young enough to start businesses and should be more inclined to pursue riskier investments than those closer to retirement age.

Though Meiggs gears My Millennial Guide’s content toward millennials, members of other generations can also benefit from the advice he offers through his blog. The website contains a section devoted to educating readers about ways to supplement their primary income. Meiggs said he writes about earning additional income in an actionable way so readers can implement the strategies he outlines.

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My Millennial Guide provides content about various financial topics.

“Readers can readily apply the information they read on My Millennial Guide,” Meiggs said. “We link to specific resources to help them build their knowledge, and we tell them how to accomplish their goals in a practical way. I think that approach just makes it easier for our readers who want to earn extra money. I really think we do a good job with that.”

Meiggs said his financial philosophy is that people who employ methods to earn more money can reach financial independence faster than those who are committed to saving but have stagnant incomes. He said he believes people should enjoy their lives and feel comfortable buying a cup of coffee when they want one. 

“People should be smart with their finances, but they shouldn’t have to sacrifice the things that are important to them just to save money,” Meiggs said.

Catering to Millennials’ Financial Needs

Meiggs said individuals considering starting a side hustle should brainstorm ways to earn money that align with their passions.

“If you want a side hustle that you’ll stay committed to for a long time, then my theory is you should focus on something you’re passionate about,” Meiggs said. “Because a lot of times, people who’ve been pursuing a side hustle for a year or two and find it isn’t at a place where they can turn it into a full-time thing, will just quit. But if you’re passionate about it, you’re going to push on and persevere. Persistence is key.”

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Meiggs engages with his readers on My Millennial Guide’s Instagram page.

As millennials age, they may require loans to buy their first home or purchase a new car. Meiggs said borrowers should be mindful of interest rates. He said millennials who are tired of renting and want to buy a home should do so as long as they can afford their monthly mortgage payments.

Meiggs said he used to work in the mortgage industry and has experience underwriting loans. He said millennials who purchase a home in economic environments with high interest rates can refinance their mortgages to more favorable terms in the future.

Meiggs said he enjoys interacting with his readers. He said readers send him emails inquiring about financial topics, and he also engages with them on Reddit and his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Meiggs said he plans to create content on TikTok to further interact with his readers and is considering starting a podcast. He hopes to incorporate interactive tools on My Millennial Guide to allow people to locate answers to their questions more efficiently, he said.

“I’m always looking for ways to improve and make my content more engaging,” Meiggs said. “I want to help as many people as I can.”