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Zina Kumok

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Zina Kumok is a personal finance writer, certified financial health counselor, and student loan counselor. She works as a money coach helping people one on one at ConsciousCoins.com. Her advice has been featured in Lifehacker, FoxBusiness, Time Magazine, Investopedia, Forbes, and several other major financial brands. She paid off $28,000 worth of student loans in three years. She's a three-time Plutus Awards finalist for Best Personal Finance Contributor and a three-time speaker at FinCon, the premier financial media conference.

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Personal Loans for Bad Credit in 2020

7 Personal Loans for Bad Credit Borrowers

When you need money quickly, figuring out where to get the best personal loans for bad credit can be a struggle. Do... read more »

Zina Kumok

By: Zina Kumok • 8/24/20