Stemming from Positivity, Sky Blue Credit Repair Aims for Transparent & Successful Client Experiences

Stemming from Positivity, Sky Blue Credit Repair Aims for Transparent & Successful Client Experiences
Lauren Keys
By: Lauren Keys
Posted: May 11, 2016
Experts share their tips and advice daily on, helping subprime consumers navigate the world of personal finance.

In a Nutshell: Jim Kemish, president of Sky Blue Credit Repair, took some time to explain what a new customer can expect upon enrollment, and what Sky Blue does to make that experience uniquely refreshing. After 25 years in the credit repair industry, his positive customer experience formula remains simple: Everything revolves around the customer, 100% of the time.

Your credit score can make you feel one of two ways — satisfied or scared. If your credit score is sufficiently high enough to get the mortgage rate you want, the job you’ve interviewed for, or the credit card you most desire, you might not really think much about your score. However, anyone in the range of fair to poor credit knows that it can be a haunting number.

A few missed bills, an unforeseen medical expense, or even something as simple as never building credit history in the first place can leave you with far fewer options than those in the 700+ range of credit scores. Slipping below that number can leave you feeling scared that your finances are coming undone and you’re losing control. But in an office building in South Florida, Jim Kemish works hard to keep his staff motivated and focused on the company’s end goal — to put people back in control of their credit.

“We want to make sure every caller feels that there’s hope regardless of their situation,” Jim said. “So we ask ourselves ‘What is the right thing to do?’ for every customer.”

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Sky Blue’s “special sauce” is simple — provide transparent pricing, go the extra mile with due diligence, deliver genuine value, and provide a no-strings-attached money-back guarantee.

Sky Blue Company Culture — Rooted in Customer Service

One of the unique aspects of Sky Blue is that there is zero sales pressure. Every caller is treated to a genuinely informative conversation in which their interests are put first. This is by design; no one at Sky Blue is paid on commission.

Client Issues like “Getting Started” Solved by Dedicated Team Members

To reflect this customer-centric approach, Sky Blue refers to their “sales” department as the “Get Started” Team, and each member is trained to help each prospect find real solutions.

An image of the offices of Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair, a large company with a personal approach.

In addition to the Get Started department, Sky Blue employees are divided into teams specializing in Credit Analysis, IT, Customer Support, and even a four-member Receptionist Team to make sure that incoming customers are routed efficiently and professionally.

While all Sky Blue employees are specialists in their department, they also receive ongoing cross-training in other areas to make sure they understand the full scope of the work the company does. It is notable that Customer Support team members spend a year in other areas of the company before they may join the Support Team and engage with customers.

Free Online Credit Tips Keep the Client’s Best Interest in Mind

Another way Sky Blue assists its clients in making better credit decisions is with the detailed credit tips listed on its site. There are three main categories of tips, all of which serve as useful resources for current and prospect credit repair clients:

  • Basic Credit Repair Tips
  • Collection and Legal Issue Tips
  • Credit Score Optimization Tips

Topics include “Understanding Statutes of Limitation,” “How to Deal With Collectors,” and “Protect Your Credit Repair with Savings.” In addition, the Sky Blue website offers guided tutorials and an indexed “Q and A” section covering 22 categories from “Authorized User Accounts” to “Student Loans.”

The Sky Blue approach is to ensure clients feel, from day one, that the credit repair process is truly all about them.

“When we feel we’ve done all we can,” Jim explained, “We call to tell them we feel we’ve reached a point of diminishing returns, and customers always seem to be impressed by that.”

To achieve their goal of being as transparent and helpful as possible, Sky Blue provides clear and simple pricing for their services, without upsells for more work for each client:

  • Individuals: Set-up & initial review of accounts $59; monthly ongoing service $59
  • Couples: Set-up & initial review of accounts $99; monthly ongoing service $99
  • A three-bureau credit report is required, which Sky Blue offers for $29

Clients can choose to pull the three-bureau credit report through Sky Blue or on their own, but either way the report will be reviewed by the credit experts on the Sky Blue staff.

A Simple Process Helps Clients Achieve their Goals

The Sky Blue team then dissects what can and cannot be disputed within each credit report based on the statute of limitations and other legal criteria, some of which is federal and some of which varies from state to state.

A photo of Sky Blue Credit Repair team members

Every team member undergoes extensive training before ever answering a client call.

Once an action plan is created for what accounts should be acted upon, the Sky Blue team gets to work quickly by sending up to five disputes per bureau every 35 days. Results are typically seen within 30 days.

Whether trying to qualify for a mortgage to buy a house or just raising their score the last 20 points they want, every client’s goal is different, and therefore every action plan will be different as well. However, most clients do end up working with Sky Blue for about 6 months in order to reach their personal credit goals.

Standing Behind Their Service with a Money-Back Guarantee

Sky Blue really seeks to help each customer, even if that means Sky Blue isn’t the best option for them.

“We have the only truly no-strings-attached, no-fine-print satisfaction guarantee in the industry,” he said. “If at anytime in the first 90 days of membership a client is not happy with the service for any reason, we refund them 100%.”

Many credit repair companies have restrictions as to what will qualify you for a refund, which means it isn’t actually guaranteed. The only part of your out-of-pocket costs during the 90 days of Sky Blue service that can’t be refunded is the credit check as that $29 fee is charged by a third party.

Final Thoughts When Considering Credit Repair

Credit doesn’t have to be scary if you’re willing to seek and accept help to understand and fix it. Sky Blue is dedicated to providing expert assistance to anyone who needs it. The Sky Blue company culture and their complete focus on the customer makes Sky Blue a great choice for anyone looking for assistance.