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Lauren Keys
By: Lauren Keys
Updated: May 11, 2018
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Talking with friends and family about a sinking credit score or an increasing amount of debt can be difficult, and even a little embarrassing. Even within the same households, discussing finance can end in an argument. You don’t want anyone you care about to judge or pity you, so you just avoid talking about your finances altogether.

But that silence doesn’t help you fix your problem.

Finding Your Voice in the Credit Talk Forum

As host to Credit Talk, the oldest and most trusted credit forum on the Internet, offers its users a safe place to talk credit concerns. With around 27,000 registered members and countless guest views, the forums function as a community of people helping each other through just about anything.

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If you’re just looking to browse the historical content of the forum to see if similar or common issues have been addressed, you don’t even need to create an account. However, if you want to ask a more specific question than something you see in the forum, you must register. And you can do so without including any personal or identifying information like a name, which allows you to anonymously seek help from peers in the forum.

Some of the questions asked in the forum center on credit cards, collections, fraud, student debt, and business finances. There are almost 70,000 threads comprised of nearly 500,000 individual posts within the forums.

“The people answering questions in the forum have typically been helped by the forum in the past, so it’s natural that they want to give back to the community we’ve built there,” said Joshua Heckathorn, an expert author and moderator for’s blog and forum.

Credit Talk Forum Addresses All Credit Concerns divides forum content into Credit Talk, which is the larger of the two and encompasses all things credit, and the General Lounge, which is more for commentary and community posts not necessarily related to credit.

A screenshot of the forums maintains two main forums for users to talk credit and more.

The forums on have seen users through the dot-com bubble, the housing bubble, and the recent recession by providing a haven for anyone looking for help through the trying topic of personal finance. Users are able to take control of their credit situation because the community within the forums empowers them to, so don’t let your silence perpetuate your struggle.

There are several free tools online these days, including our own guides, to help anyone who is actively seeking to make changes in their finances, and the forums are just one of those very resources.