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Kiara Taylor

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Kiara Taylor has worked as a financial analyst for more than a decade. Her career includes stints with several financial firms, including Fifth Third Bank, JPMorgan, and Citibank. She has held a number of positions from equity research analyst and emerging markets strategist to risk management specialist. Kiara believes fintech, the fusion of finance and technology, has the potential to raise the quality of life for millions of people. She's fascinated by fintech’s capacity to increase the general public’s accessibility to financial products and services which were previously out of reach for so many. Her writing appears on Investopedia, American Banker, Bankrate, Harvard Business Review, and PaymentsSource, among other leading publications.

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Auto Loan Rates For Bad Credit in 2021

Auto Loan Rates For Bad Credit Borrowers

Looking for auto loan rates for bad credit can feel daunting. Luckily, lenders and dealerships are willing to work... read more »

Kiara Taylor

By: Kiara Taylor • 6/15/21