Max Cash Home Offers Introduces a Days on Market Tool to Help Sellers Make More Informed Decisions

Max Cash Home Offers Introduces A Days On Market Tool To Help Sellers
Adam West
By: Adam West
Posted: August 3, 2018
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In a Nutshell: Many homeowners have the luxury of taking their time to sell their house at a time when the market is favorable. However, those who are facing foreclosure or need to relocate unexpectedly often can’t afford to wait the month or more it can take to sell a house. In response, Max Cash Home Offers has developed a Days on Market Tool that uses localized, timely real estate data to provide a conservative estimate of a property’s time to sale. With this knowledge, sellers can choose to take the traditional route or, if time is a pressing issue, make an informed choice to sell the house to Max Cash Home Offers and get paid in cash in as little as a few days.

The process of selling a home can come with a lot of headaches — from finding an agent and making repairs to attracting buyers and crossing your fingers until the sale goes through. One headache that’s often overlooked is the length of time a house can sit on the market before it’s sold.

Depending on local demand, homes can take more than two months to sell, and many homeowners just can’t wait that long to gain access to resources tied up in a home. Max Cash Home Offers recently developed a new Days on Market Tool that adds transparency to the process by automating local real estate data to provide consumers with a conservative estimate of how long their home may sit on the market before being sold.

Expedited sales have become a popular alternative for those who can’t afford to wait, and Max Cash Home Offers specializes in fast, efficient cash sales for homeowners who need to liquidate their properties post haste.

Max Cash Home Offers Logo“There are people who are in situations where they need to sell their home extremely fast,” said Ryan Cruz, Growth Marketing Manager at Max Cash Home Offers. “Listing it on the traditional market can take some time in certain areas, and some buyers are in situations where they just can’t wait that long.”

Max Cash Home Offers pays cash for homes without any meetings with real estate agents, house showings, or haggling with potential buyers. Sellers won’t have to pay for any expensive repairs or worry about home improvements to boost the house’s curb appeal. Max Cash Home Offers buys homes as-is with only two prerequisites: You have a house, and you want to sell it for cash.

But even if you know you need to sell, you may not know if you have enough time to go the traditional route. To make your decision, you need an accurate estimate of how long it could take to close, and that’s what Max Cash Home Offers has achieved with its new Days on Market Tool.

Days on Market Tool Employs Data to Better Understand Your Local Housing Market

The Days on Market Tool is a web app that helps owners choose their best route to selling their home.

“We wanted to give homeowners something of value,” Cruz said. “We came up with the Days on Market Tool to help homeowners get an idea of how long it would take to sell their home if they went the traditional route of finding a Realtor, fixing up the home, listing the property, and getting it on the market.”

When you enter your property information, the Days on Market Tool pulls data from multiple listing services (databases used by agents and brokers to share information about properties). Based on the local market and area-specific details, the tool provides homeowners with an estimate of how long it could take to sell their home using an agent.

“People don’t always have the luxury of having that time, so this gives them an accurate idea,” Cruz said. “All the values are very conservative. It’s a best-case scenario where you probably don’t need too many repairs and closing is very quick.”

Screenshot of the Days on Market Tools by Max Cash Home Offers

Finding the right real estate agent and making a home more marketable through repairs and cosmetic improvements — not to mention showing the house and getting all the paperwork done once you’ve found a buyer — can be a lengthy process. All of these tasks can take months, if not more.

If the seller’s schedule permits them to go the traditional route, the tool can help them make that decision. On the other hand, if they’re pressed for time, they’ll be able to make an informed choice to accept a little less in return and get cash from Max Cash Home Offers.

Whatever Your Reason for Selling, Max Cash Home Offers is Interested in Buying

When a homeowner decides to sell, it’s usually a carefully calculated decision. But sometimes a house needs to be sold quickly. In these cases, Max Cash Home Offers provides a useful alternative to the time- and effort-intensive selling process.

“A lot of people who we work with are close to foreclosure,” Cruz said. “If you go through foreclosure, you could lose your house. That also goes on your credit report, which is obviously really bad, and credit is really important nowadays.” Foreclosure can drop a credit score by as much as 160 points, and that sort of hit can present an obstacle to buying another home again in the future.

For people facing foreclosure and its consequences, Max Cash Home Offers represents an efficient solution that mitigates financial damage and minimizes losses: it will purchase the home and pay the seller on top of resolving the existing debt. “This often helps you walk away with some cash and avoid that terrible stain on your credit,” Cruz said.

Another common motivator for an expedited cash sale is relocation, whether it’s for a new job, family reasons, or other major life events. In these situations, homeowners may need to offload their property as quickly as possible. A fast transaction with Max Cash Home Offers gives them the ready cash and freedom they need to move forward.

Portrait of Ryan Cruz, Growth Marketing Manager for Max Cash Home Offers

Ryan Cruz, Growth Marketing Manager at Max Cash Home Offers, told us about the various reasons people need to sell their homes quickly.

Or maybe the house is a fixer-upper, and the owner doesn’t want to invest in (or wait on) the repairs and renovations necessary to put it on the market. Even if the home is in need of serious repair, Max Cash Home Offers will buy it. “We buy the homes, and then we fix them up and flip them,” Cruz said. That way, the seller doesn’t have to deal with hiring contractors and ensuring the work is satisfactorily finished.

In other cases, an inheritance can result in someone owning a home that they don’t want or need. Max Cash Home Offers helps them sell quickly and walk away with cash in hand rather than dealing with the extended hassle of the listing and selling.

Finally, many owners choose to sell rental properties to Max Cash Home Offers as a way of washing their hands of less-than-desirable tenant situations. Truant renters can exploit eviction laws to tie the process up in court, making it extremely difficult, costly, and time-consuming to get them out of the house. And, even once this is finally accomplished, there may be unexpected damage waiting inside. Max Cash Home Offers will buy the property and deal with all of these issues so the seller doesn’t have to.

In all of these examples, speed and efficiency are paramount. Naturally, the seller won’t realize maximum gain from the sale. However, in the cases described above, a quick sale is typically the objective — and Max Cash Home Offers can cut a deal in less than a week.

Sell for Cash in as Little as a Few Days

When a homeowner decides to sell to Max Cash Home Offers, the first step is filling out a form on the website. “We usually give them a call within an hour or two,” Cruz said. “At most, it takes 24 hours for us to contact them.”

A Max Cash Home Offers representative will ask the seller additional questions about the house to better understand its condition. “We can get an idea of what needs to be done on the property, why they’re selling the property, and what situation they’re in, exactly,” Cruz said. “We take all that information, we review it, we talk to our partners, and then our partners go out and see the property within 24 to 48 hours.” This includes a formal inspection by a certified home inspector.

Once the review is completed, Max Cash Home Offers will make a no-obligation offer on the property. “We can have a cash offer ready for them that same day after viewing the property, and then we can close on the deal within 7 days,” Cruz said. “We pride ourselves on how quick it is.”

Leveraging Technology to Make Selling Simpler

To make home sales even faster and easier, Max Cash Home Offers is preparing to roll out new iOS and Android versions of the Days on Market Tool that will be available for download through iTunes and the Google Play Store, respectively. This will make the tool easier to use on mobile devices while still offering the same data-driven estimate of time-to-sale through traditional means.

Max Cash Home Offers is also developing a WordPress widget to offer the same function to other sites. In particular, Realtors will be able to embed the tool on their own websites, helping sellers get an idea of how long their house will take to close.

Both of these technological moves are likely to increase the visibility of Max Cash Home Offers and the Days on Market Tool. And when buyers know their options, they’ll be better prepared to decide if a fast sale is the best option for getting out of their houses and on with their lives.