10 Best Realty Blogs

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10 Best Realty Blogs

When it comes to real estate, location is everything. Being in the right spot can be a valuable asset, which is why our 10 Best Realty Blogs were selected for their level of attention and detail given to a very diverse field.

Zillow zillow.com

Bragging Rights: home of Market Trends

The Zillow blog is jazzed about all sides of real estate, from fun stuff like celebrity mansion purchases to more technical aspects of owning a home. Whether buying, selling or planning to rent, the site covers topics like short sales, DIY options, loan approval headaches and turning a house into a home.

Social Clout: 867,000+ likes, 139,000+ followers

URL: http://www.zillow.com/blog/

Realtor realtor.com

Bragging Rights: where home happens

Realtor is an all-inclusive look at both the industry and the market. Topics include the ups and downs of using an HOA, ways to avoid moving headaches and how to connect with area realtors. The best part is the content is written by professionals for the layman.

Social Clout: 63,113+ likes, 58,100+ followers

URL: http://www.realtor.com/

Redfin redfin.com

Bragging Rights: honest news with upbeat approach

The Redfin blog is a cheerful spot where good news on real estate is highlighted. From celebrity’s multi-million dollar listings to anticipating interest rates, the site looks from a realtor and buyer’s perspective. Topics like “What You Need to Know About Becoming a Landlord” also look at rental options.

Social Clout: 19,628+ likes, 18,200+ followers

URL: http://blog.redfin.com/

Coy Davidson coydavidson.com
Coy Davidson

Bragging Rights: specializes in tenant representation

From corporate real estate to workspace strategy, Coy Davidson is known as a powerhouse in the commercial end of property exchange. In posts like “Negotiating the Tenant Improval Allowance,” he looks to specific challenges faced by commercial realtors and their clients, with a close eye on workplace innovation.

Social Clout: 18,400+ followers, 4,055+ likes

URL: http://www.coydavidson.com/

A Student of the Real Estate Game astudentoftherealestategame.com
A Student of the Real Estate Game

Bragging Rights: perspectives from a young entrepreneur

A Student of the Real Estate Game offers a great angle, sharing a real-time education on the real estate market much like realtors would. In posts like “Real Estate Can Be a Complicated Business,” the author breaks down the minutia in easily-digestible posts. A great teacher, he also uses his personal experiences to offer insight.

Social Clout: 3,567+ followers, 804+ likes

URL: http://astudentoftherealestategame.com/

Llenrock Blog llenrock.com
Llenrock Blog

Bragging Rights: real insight, real estate

“Gauging risk in a changing climate” is the type of direct topics addressed at Llenrock, a substantial site dealing in high-end corporate real estate. Eric Hawthorn offers a great profile with his Mensch and Schlemiel of the Week segment, where personality is not lost among all of the numbers.

Social Clout: 1,427+ followers, 163+ likes

URL: http://llenrock.com/blog/

Geek Estate Blog geekestateblog.com
Geek Estate Blog

Bragging Rights: premier technology and internet marketing

Travel addict Drew Meyers started Geek Estate Blog for those passionate about not just real estate, but also its growing presence on the Web. The site follows the standard industry, as well as websites and personalities making an impact through social media and beyond. Understanding web marketing is a key focus.

Social Clout: 549+ followers, 101+ likes

URL: http://geekestateblog.com/

Frankly Realty franklyrealty.com
Frankly Realty

Bragging Rights: excellence comes standard

This blogger aims to protect buyers from premature purchases. With great tips and resources for knowing the right questions to ask, host Frank uses videos and posts to educate visitors on issues like proper bidding, how to research properties and where to look for negotiable factors.

URL: http://franklyrealty.com/

Real Estate Marbles realestatemarbles.com
Real Estate Marbles

Bragging Rights: live breakdown of visitor locations

“Real estate news and information you can actually use” is the promise of Real Estate Marbles, with weekly videos spotlighting different angles of the industry. The site serves as a sounding board for a large community of real estate professionals around the U.S., and in the Community Buzz section, these pros network and share leads.

URL: http://realestatemarbles.com/

Bloodhound Realty bloodhoundrealty.com
Bloodhound Realty

Bragging Rights: there’s always something to howl about

Bloodhound Realty aims to be everything you wish was in Realtor magazine but isn’t, with thoughtful insight into an ever-changing industry. With modern marketing awareness, these pros look at issues from both a buyer and seller’s perspective, as well as give an insider’s look at how lenders operate.

URL: http://www.bloodhoundrealty.com/

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