10 Best Economy Blogs

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10 Best Economy Blogs

Our 10 Best Economy Blogs were selected for their strength at providing concise, thoughtful and consistent advice.

Understanding the economy goes well beyond just a series of numbers, and these sites never fail to provide an insider’s view to the markets.

BlackRock blackrockblog.com

Bragging Rights: extremely detailed

BlackRock is among the world’s largest asset managers, and the blog is a testimony to the many people who turn to them for guidance. A top-notch blogroll of contributors helps provide a unique and active community, with incredibly up-to-date content free of any bias.

Social Clout: 125,000+ followers, 8,245+ likes

URL: http://www.blackrockblog.com/

The Mises Institute mises.org
The Mises Institute

Bragging Rights: reflections of economics

The Alabama-based Mises Institute has been tracking the trends on Wall Street and beyond since the 1980s. Named for founder Ludwig von Mises, the institute’s blog serves as the online headquarters for their department heads and student contributors. Thousands makes this site a daily stop for what’s coming next.

Social Clout: 94,847+ likes, 43,400+ followers

URL: http://mises.org/

Jared Bernstein Blog jaredbernsteinblog.com
Jared Bernstein Blog

Bragging Rights: clarity in a convoluted marketplace

At his On the Economy blog, Jared Bernstein shares his expertise on both federal and state economic policies related to income inequality. He tracks trends in employment, earnings standards, international comparisons and offers a full analysis of financial and housing markets. He also has a widely-sought voice in equal earnings.

Social Clout: 28,200+ followers

URL: http://jaredbernsteinblog.com/

The Economic Collapse theeconomiccollapseblog.com
The Economic Collapse

Bragging Rights: are you prepared?

The Economic Collapse comes from Michael Snyder, author of “The Beginning of the End.” He foresees troubled times ahead for most money markets and offers clear, dedicated advice on how to plan for the worst. It’s not all gloom and doom – just sensible preparedness.

Social Clout: 11,400+ followers

URL: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/

Economy in Crisis economyincrisis.org
Economy in Crisis

Bragging Rights: America’s daily economic report

Economy in Crisis takes a hard look at some of the larger forces driving the money markets, including our financial regulations and the people who write them. Topics like “We Need More Choices for Public Office” and “Replacing Free Trade with Reciprocal Trade” look at new remedies for an imperfect system.

Social Clout: 6,850+ likes, 2,418+ followers

URL: http://economyincrisis.org/

Keith Hennessey keithhennessey.com
Keith Hennessey

Bragging Rights: your guide to American economic policy

At this blog, founder Keith Hennessey takes a very specific look at one of the most important elements of the economy: how policy and legislation move the ball. In posts like “Why High Government Debt is a Problem,” he tackles the real-world perspective on major financial decisions, but there are also lighter topics like ”Happy Birthday, Fiscal Stimulus.”

Social Clout: 6,103+ followers, 1,688+ likes

URL: http://keithhennessey.com/

Fair Economy faireconomy.org
Fair Economy

Bragging Rights: building social movements for equality

Fair Economy uses economics education, training and creative communication tools to help support social movements. The site is a treasure trove of useful advice for building wealth and expanding your portfolio. The posts encourage hard work, the dignity of a job and a robust public sector.

Social Clout: 3,762+ likes, 2,787+ followers

URL: http://www.faireconomy.org/

Michael Hudson michael-hudson.com
Michael Hudson

Bragging Rights: an extensive archive

Michael Hudson is president of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET). His blog offers views and insights on everything the Wall Street analyst and research professor sees value in. On staff at the University of Missouri, Hudson’s site offers almost a full curriculum in money management.

URL: http://michael-hudson.com/

Confounded Interest confundedinterest.wordpress.com
Confounded Interest

Bragging Rights: a large following

From Anthony B. Sanders comes Confounded Interest – the ultimate learning tool for managing money. From monitoring the Fed Chair, to providing a detailed breakdown of the week’s movers, Sanders, of George Mason University, continues to bring an authoritative voice to a cluttered field.

URL: http://confoundedinterest.wordpress.com/

Banks and the Economy banksandtheeconomy.blogspot.com
Banks and the Economy

Bragging Rights: powerful analysis from dedicated educators

From James Chessen, chief economist at the American Bankers Association, comes Bank and the Economy. By taking more of an institutional look at these powerhouses, the site offers insightful information on understanding key decisions related to long-term savings, home loans, retirement plans and more.

URL: http://banksandtheeconomy.blogspot.com/

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