10 Best Finance Blogs for Men

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10 Best Finance Blogs for Men

Men have a special relationship with their billfold, always eager to help their money grow all while protecting it for the future.

Our 10 Best Finance Blogs for Men were selected for how well they each convey useful information on building and maintaining a financial strategy.

Man vs. Debt manvsdebt.com
Man vs. Debt

Bragging Rights: pay off your debt. do what you love

Man vs. Debt is a site that encourages men to adjust spending and sell their junk so they can achieve their dreams. Setting financial goals, learning to trim the fat and building an emergency fund are all explored from the vantage point of guys, with an eye for their spending patterns.

Social Clout: 9,984+ likes, 2,204+ followers

URL: http://manvsdebt.com/

Mr. Money Mustache mrmoneymustache.com
Mr. Money Mustache

Bragging Rights: a direct and refreshing approach

Mr. Money Mustache is a 30-something retiree who now helps readers lead “a frugal yet badass life of leisure.” His funny but wise posts focus on large and small ways money is squandered, with articles like “Are You Cleaning Out Your Own Wallet?” which examines the high cost of cleaning supplies.

Social Clout: 13,165+ followers, 12,201 likes

URL: http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/

Three Thrifty Guys threethriftyguys.com
Three Thrifty Guys

Bragging Rights: keeping a few more bucks in your pocket

Eddie, Aarron and Charlie each share a love for building bigger bank accounts. Three Thrifty Guys offers users some clear and concise guidance on improving their balance sheet through wiser investing and finding the best values. With contributing writers Ruser and Laurie, they offer content that is lively and current.

Social Clout: 2,883+ followers, 1,836+ likes

URL: http://www.threethriftyguys.com/

Becoming Minimalist becomingminimalist.com
Becoming Minimalist

Bragging Rights: more mediation, more gratitude, better living

Becoming Minimalist’s straightforward approach is built around living better on less. With more than a quarter million monthly readers, it has touched a nerve with people striving to lead more simple and satisfying lives. Understanding wealth management is a key ingredient to finding and shaping the lifestyle you want.

Social Clout: 97,000+ likes, 16,500+ followers

URL: http://www.becomingminimalist.com/

The Art of Manliness artofmanliness.com
The Art of Manliness

Bragging Rights: reviving the lost art of manliness

The money and career section at The Art of Manliness is a prime spot for financial how-to. The content is shared with the site’s typical male bravado but offers mature and tested methods for accruing wealth and maintaining a lifestyle. Content like “Your Way to a Debt-Free College Degree” is on point.

Social Clout: 351,000+likes, 78,690+ followers

URL: http://www.artofmanliness.com/category/money-career/

The Manilla Folder manilla.com
The Manilla Folder

Bragging Rights: a wealth of advice in one place

The Manilla Folder features expert contributors and a skilled staff, all inspired to help readers find the greatest values for the budgets and strategies for their retirement. They provide wisdom on large purchases like home and car, right down to smaller concerns like smart holiday gift card planning.

Social Clout: 5,246+ followers

URL: https://www.manilla.com/blog/category/money/

Neville's Financial Blog nevblog.com
Neville's Financial Blog

Bragging Rights: tracking the road to financial success

Blog host Neville is a Texas-based realist with money on his mind. His site celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit with very clear recommendations on how to better protect your earnings. He uses his own finances as a template for translating the highly technical landscape of improved money management.

Social Clout: 2,232+ followers

URL: http://www.nevblog.com/

Finance for Men financeformen.blogspot.com
Finance for Men

Bragging Rights: confronting 21st century money woes

Finance for Men trades in the latest news and advice for men, whether stretching their budget or extending their investment portfolio. In a design that trumps content over color, they track those market changes that truly are impacting, breaking it down play by play in an understandable context.

URL: http://financeformen.blogspot.com/

Acting Man acting-man.com
Acting Man

Bragging Rights: commentary on the economy and markets

Acting Man features a wealth of contributors who break down the entire financial beat, covering money matters from top to bottom. Whether it’s the latest grumbling at the Treasury Department or the best value on utilities, their focus is on making your money work for you. This site is structured around a thick archive with solid resources.

URL: http://www.acting-man.com/

Fearless Men fearlessmen.com
Fearless Men

Bragging Rights: bringing fearlessness back to malehood

Fearless Men truly tackles the financial end. Their hand-picked content is angled around how the male mind operates, with sharp guidance on being an alpha with your money. From portfolios to mortgages, they serve up the red meat of thoughtful analysis and insight.

Social Clout: 4,742+ followers, 2,640+ likes,

URL: http://fearlessmen.com/category/finances/

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