9 Best High-Limit Credit Cards for Bad Credit

High Limit Credit Cards For Bad Credit
Adam West
By: Adam West
Updated: June 23, 2020
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Although weight gain is often the most prominent symptom of unhealthy eating habits, it isn’t the only negative side effect. Fatigue, hair loss, digestive issues, skin problems, and a whole host of other problems can all result from a bad diet.

Similarly, while being frequently rejected for new credit can be the most obvious symptom of unhealthy credit habits, it isn’t the only one. High interest rates, copious fees, low credit limits, and a variety of other problems can all result from a bad credit score.

This being the case, finding a high-limit credit card that will accept bad-credit applicants can be a challenge. If you don’t qualify for an unsecured credit card with a high enough limit for your needs, you may need to look into secured credit cards or personal loans. In the article below, we’ll take a look at some of our top choices for high limit credit cards for bad credit as well as some personal loan alternatives.

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Best High-Limit Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Most unsecured credit cards that regularly approve applicants with poor credit are offered by subprime credit card issuers or banks who specialize in high-risk applicants. To make up for the higher risk of loss inherent in the subprime demographic, these cards tend to charge higher interest rates than prime credit cards, as well as providing lower credit limits.

Specifically, many subprime credit cards will cap the credit limit you can reach to the mid-three-digits, with initial subprime credit card limits above $1,000 uncommon. That said, you may earn occasional credit limit increases with responsible card use, though some issuers charge a fee for credit limit increases. Start your search by comparing our expert-rated options below.

  • Easy application! Get a credit decision in seconds.
  • Build your credit history – Fingerhut reports to all 3 major credit bureaus
  • Use your line of credit to shop thousands of items from great brands like Samsung, KitchenAid, and DeWalt
  • Not an access card
  • Click here for official site, terms, and details.


Overall Rating

Application Length Interest Rate Reports Monthly Reputation Score
5 Minutes See issuer website Yes 9.0/10
  • See if you’re Pre-Qualified with no impact to your credit score
  • All credit types welcome to apply
  • Up to $1,000 credit limit doubles up to $2,000! (Simply make your first 6 monthly minimum payments on time)
  • Free access to your Vantage 3.0 score from Experian* (When you sign up for e-statements)
  • Monthly reporting to the three major credit bureaus
  • Fast and easy application process; results in seconds
  • Use your card at locations everywhere Mastercard® is accepted
  • Mastercard Zero Fraud Liability Protection (subject to Mastercard guidelines)
  • Checking Account Required
  • Click here for official site, terms, and details.


Overall Rating

Application Length Interest Rate Reports Monthly Reputation Score
9 minutes 24.99% - 29.99% (Variable) Yes 8.5/10
  • Checking account required
  • Fast and easy application process; response provided in seconds
  • A genuine Visa® card accepted by merchants nationwide across the USA and online
  • $300 credit limit (subject to available credit)
  • Multiple card designs available
  • Reports monthly to all three major credit bureaus
  • Rebuilding credit depends on factors like making on-time payments, keeping balance below credit limit and paying at least the minimum monthly payment
  • Click here for official site, terms, and details.


Overall Rating

Application Length Interest Rate Reports Monthly Reputation Score
9 minutes See Terms Yes 8.5/10

+See More Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit

A key thing to keep in mind with unsecured credit cards is that many — particularly those from subprime issuers — will charge annual fees, as well as program or processing fees. These fees are usually charged at the time you open your account, reducing the amount of credit you have available when you first get your card until the fees have been paid.

Additionally, always remember that your credit limit isn’t set in stone; the issuer has the right to change your credit limit at any time. And just as you may receive credit limit increases for responsible card use, your credit limit may be reduced if you show signs of risky card use or your credit score shows a sudden drop.

Since your credit utilization is based on the ratio of used credit to available credit, a sudden decrease in your credit limit can cause your credit score to drop. The best way to protect against credit score damage from a fluctuating credit limit is to maintain low credit card balances (which is usually a good idea anyway).

Best High-Limit Secured Credit Cards for Bad Credit

While secured credit cards require an initial deposit to open, if you are unable to find an unsecured credit card with a large enough limit for your needs, a secured card may prove to be a good solution. For most secured credit cards, your credit limit is directly determined by the size of your deposit, with your limit equal to 90% to 100% of your deposit amount (depending on the card).

Despite the fact that secured credit cards typically have credit limit caps like any other card, these caps tend to be significantly higher than those for subprime unsecured credit cards. This is generally thanks to the fact that secured credit cards present less risk to the card issuer because the debt is secured by the deposit. Our list of top-rated secured credit cards includes options offering limits up to a whopping $5,000.

  • Earn 2% cash back on everyday purchases at Amazon, Uber, Uber Eats, Whole Foods, Netflix, Spotify, and more! And 1% cashback on everything else.
  • No credit check or U.S. credit history required. No SSN required for non-US citizens.
  • Build U.S. credit history from day 1 at major credit bureaus (get $25 when you build your credit score to a 700+ credit score within 12 months of use).
  • Get unsecured in as little as 4 months!
  • No annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, no minimum security deposit.
  • Premium benefits like Cell Phone Protection (including cracked screens) and Car Rental Insurance coverage.
  • Click here for terms and conditions.
  • Click here for official site and application.


Overall Rating

Application Length Interest Rate Reports Monthly Reputation Score
10 minutes 10.24% (Variable) Yes 7.0/10
  • If approved, fund your Security Deposit to open your account.  Once open, you will have the opportunity to build your credit limit up to $5,000.
  • Opportunity to build your credit card limit over time by adding funds to your Security Deposit.
  • Reports to consumer reporting agencies help you monitor your financial progress to begin your credit building journey (build credit by keeping your balance low and paying all your bills on time every month)
  • You don't need perfect credit for a First PREMIER® Bank Secured Credit Card
  • Make your payments on time each month, and keep your balance low relative to the credit limit, for positive marks on your credit report.
  • If approved, make your first six monthly minimum payments on time and we may send you an offer to apply for an unsecured credit card. Some restrictions apply.‡
  • ‡If you apply for the second account, which is unsecured, you will be approved if you can demonstrate the ability to pay your bills, meet our minimum income requirements, do not reside in New York or Wisconsin and are not covered under the Military Lending Act.
  • FICO scores are used to represent the creditworthiness of a person and may be one indicator to the credit type you are eligible for. However, credit score alone does not guarantee or imply approval for any First PREMIER® Bank product.
  • Click here for official site, terms, and details.


Overall Rating

Application Length Interest Rate Reports Monthly Reputation Score
4 minutes See Issuer Website Yes 9.0/10
  • Better than prepaid...Go with a secured card! Load one time - keep on using
  • Absolutely no credit check or minimum credit score required
  • Automatic reporting to all three national credit bureaus
  • 9.99% low fixed APR - Your rate won’t go up even if you are late
  • Activate today with a $200 minimum deposit - maximum $1,000.
  • Increase your credit limit up to $5,000 by adding additional deposits anytime
  • Click here for official site, terms, and details.


Overall Rating

Application Length Interest Rate Reports Monthly Reputation Score
10 minutes 9.99% Fixed Yes 7.5/10

+See More Secured Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Although secured credit cards can have relatively high limits if you can afford the equally high deposit, don’t assume you need to put down a huge deposit up front to reach a high credit limit. The majority of secured credit cards will allow you to add to your deposit over time, increasing your credit limit with each additional deposit (up to the credit limit maximum for the specific card).

Plus, unlike unsecured credit card fees, your deposit doesn’t just disappear into the pocketbooks of your issuer. Provided you don’t default on your credit card debt, your deposit will be returned to you, in full, when you close your secured credit card account. As an added perk, since your deposit rests in a secured savings account, you may actually accrue interest on your deposit, to boot.

Best High-Limit Personal Loans for Bad Credit

In the event that you need more credit than any credit card issuers are willing to extend to you, a personal loan may be your best option (other than improving your credit). Personal installment loans are specifically designed to help consumers finance large purchases over time, and will often charge lower interest rates than revolving credit lines.

While your credit score will still play a very important role in whether you are approved for a personal installment loan, most lenders will also look for other factors, including if you meet the minimum income requirement, to determine the size of the loan you can obtain. Our top personal loan lenders for bad credit include options for loans up to $35,000.

+See More Personal Loans for Bad Credit

One way to increase the amount of loan you can qualify for is to put down an initial deposit on the loan. Not only can this improve your chances of being approved, but it can also reduce your monthly payment and/or the amount of time it will take you to pay off the loan by decreasing the size of your principal balance.

Of course, while the structure of personal installment loans makes them a good way to finance a large purchase, especially if you need to repay it over time, there are a few key differences between loans and credit cards that may impact your choice. For one thing, loans aren’t reusable like revolving credit lines; where you can pay off your credit card balance and use the card again, loans are one-time deals that dissolve after being completely paid off.

Moreover, installment loans will generally require monthly payments, and each monthly payment will be the same amount as the other months. So, while you can pay down your credit card balance to reduce your monthly payment and interest charges, your loan payment amount will remain the same from month to month. (That being said, you can reduce your total number of loans payments by paying more than is required each month).

High Credit Scores Earn the Highest Credit Limits

If you are faced with low-limit credit cards that simply don’t meet your needs, chances are that your low credit score is to blame. But just as the only surefire way to cure the symptoms of an unhealthy diet is to change your eating habits, the only way to improve your credit card options is to adopt healthier credit habits.

Positive credit behaviors, such as paying debts on time and maintaining low credit card balances, can help improve your credit over time. As you build a healthier credit profile, you’ll start to receive the benefits of a good credit score, including better rates and higher credit limits.

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