10 Most Community-Minded Credit Unions

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10 Most Community-Minded Credit Unions

Credit unions are known for being active members of the community they serve by investing in the very same people who bank with them.

These 10 credit unions go above and beyond when it comes to their charitable efforts.

Educational Community Credit Union eccu1.org
Educational Community Credit Union

Serving: Southern Michigan

Personal checking accounts sometimes come with the bonus of puppy love. The $2,500 in funds ECCU gave to the SPCA will help feed and provide medical care for the animals, especially when other funding is tight. “Do the right thing” is a core value for EECU, and that translates to helping the community. They even have staff who volunteer there!

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Twitter Handle: @eccu1

URL: eccu1.org

Cabrillo Credit Union cabrillocu.com
Cabrillo Credit Union

Serving: The greater San Diego, California, area

For more than 20 years, Cabrillo has been supporting the needs of the youngest patients in San Diego, donating more than $208,000 total to Rady Children’s Hospital. Through their fundraising efforts just this year, they were able to bring in more than $17,000. They do more than money management. At Cabrillo, they make miracles happen for those who need them.

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Twitter Handle: @cabrillocu

URL: cabrillocu.com

Mountain America Credit Union macu.com
Mountain America Credit Union

Serving: Utah, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada 

“People helping people” is the philosophy at Mountain America — they reach out to their community through seminars, scholarships and sponsorships. MACU even recently contributed just under $70,000 to Shriners Hospitals for Children, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. They’ve donated more than $155,000 going to HCF in in the past decade.

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Twitter Handle: @mountainamerica

URL: macu.com

1st MidAmerica Credit Union 1stmidamerica.org
1st MidAmerica Credit Union

Serving: Bethalto, Illinois and surrounding areas

Volunteering is the name of the game for 1st MidAmerica. They feel strongly about community outreach programs and doing their part, participating in awareness walks, educational seminars and fundraisers among other events. They also donate to community causes such as Habitat for Humanity and Adopt a Family. They’ve recently merged, giving them even more volunteers to help out their community. It’s no wonder they were named an All-American credit union.

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Twitter Handle: @1stMidAmerica

URL: 1stmidamerica.org

Greylock Federal Credit Union greylock.org
Greylock Federal Credit Union

Serving: Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas

Greylock is all about benefiting and enriching children’s lives. Not only did they donate $2,500 to the YMCA on behalf of the Marilyn Hamilton Literacy Program, but they also gave $5,000 to a program that provides a free YMCA program to those children who are members of both institutions. They definitely know how to give back!

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URL: greylock.org

Security Service Federal Credit Union ssfcu.org
Security Service Federal Credit Union

Serving: Texas, Colorado and Utah

SSFCU shows its service to the community frequently throughout the year, but their work with the Utah Food Bank is amazing. The $10,000 in funds they gave to them will be used to operate a mobile pantry for homeless veterans living at Valor House. They’ve also contributed $9,500 to local public television station KLRN.

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Twitter Handle: @SSFCU

URL: ssfcu.org

Pasadena Federal Credit Union pfcu.org
Pasadena Federal Credit Union

Serving: Pasadena, California

Being engaged and passionate about helping people is what PFCU does best (after taking care of your finances). Whether they’re supporting the Girl Scouts, helping the public libraries or raising funds for the animals in the Pasadena Humane Society’s Annual Wiggle Waggle Walk, they do whatever they can to make a difference. That’s why they were featured on the UN’s “The Year of the Cooperative” in 2012.

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Twitter Handle: @pasadenafcu

URL: pfcu.org

Scott Credit Union scu.org
Scott Credit Union

Serving: Edwardsville, Illinois, and surrounding areas

Giving back to local communities is a top priority for Scott Credit Union. They work at various community and philanthropic events during the year, even asking organizations to ask them for support when they need help. They also award their employees for their volunteer hours in the community – all of their employees volunteered more than 2,400 hours in 2013.

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Twitter Handle: @ScottCU

URL: scu.org

Georgia United Credit Union georgiaunitedcu.org
Georgia United Credit Union

Serving: Northern Georgia

Georgia United is committed to helping its communities. They do this through countless projects, like financial education programs, new teacher orientations and scholarships. They’ve awarded more than $142,000 in the last 20 years. They recently participated in their School Crashers makeover program with more than 150 volunteers to beautify and improve an elementary school.

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Twitter Handle: @GAUnitedCU

URL: georgiaunitedcu.org

Alliant Credit Union alliantcreditunion.org
Alliant Credit Union

Serving: Illinois, Colorado, California, Virginia, Arizona, Texas and New Jersey

To emphasize their commitment to community service, Alliant developed its Civic Affairs Program. Through this, they participate in Super Bowl Chili Day, as well as various food and clothing drives. They also host financial literacy classes, sponsor two different annual scholarships and support Bears Care, a Chicago Bears charity.

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URL: alliantcreditunion.org

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