10 Best Personal Finance Blogs

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10 Best Personal Finance Blogs

Keeping your finances organized can be difficult, especially if you’re uncomfortable with numbers. If that’s the case for you, look no further than our 10 Best Personal Finance Blogs.

Whether it’s creating a budget or choosing the right credit card, these financial gurus have your back:

Get Rich Slowly getrichslowly.org
Get Rich Slowly

Bragging Rights: personal finance that makes cents

Get Rich Slowly takes the right approach to money management, with clear guidance for mortgages, credit card debt and saving for retirement. A great deal of thought is given to important decisions, like choosing the right financial adviser and starting a business the smart way. Budgeting properly is always a key topic in posts like “How I Canceled Cable and Gained a New Outlook on Life.”

Social Clout: 33,161+ likes, 19,720+ followers

URL: http://www.getrichslowly.org/

Money Crashers moneycrashers.com
Money Crashers

Bragging Rights: your guide to financial fitness

Money Crashers has an extensive resource of articles and essays exploring the best in strategic money management. Topics like “4 Tips for Socially Responsible Eating and Drinking Habits on a Budget” offer advice and insight with a sense of humor. Home improvements, prepping for a kid’s college tuition and other major life expenses are also thoroughly covered.

Social Clout: 10,912+ followers, 8,687+ likes

URL: http://www.moneycrashers.com/

Wise Bread wisebread.com
Wise Bread

Bragging Rights: living large on a small budget

Wise Bread is a stylish and in-depth resource with a clean design for easy navigation. Categories like “Personal Finance” and “Frugal Living” provide an archive of ideas for improving your saving patterns, monthly budgeting and detailed planning for the future. A variety of articles offer a starting point for novices and higher-rollers alike.

Social Clout: 31,009+ followers, 16,112+ likes

URL: http://www.wisebread.com/

Consumerism Commentary consumerismcommentary.com
Consumerism Commentary

Bragging Rights: an extensive stockpile of financial guidance

Profiled in Forbes and Money Magazine, Consumerism Commentary comes from financial guru Luke Landes. He and his staff explore the true intricacies of debt management and maximizing traditional investments with clever opinion articles, including “Are Financial Planners Hurting Investors Approaching Retirement?”

Social Clout: 6,622+ followers, 2,466+ likes

URL: http://www.consumerismcommentary.com/

Money Ning moneyning.com
Money Ning

Bragging Rights: the little things matter

David Ning founded Money Ning in 2007, and it has quickly grown to be a reliable source for smarter investing and long-term savings. Ning’s blog applies a careful and frugal methodology, including carefully budgeting travel expenses and learning how most people miss their opportunity to be wealthy. Bonus: Savings are freely shared by Ning and his readership.

Social Clout: 8,945+ likes, 8,396+ followers

URL: http://moneyning.com/

Len Penzo lenpenzo.com
Len Penzo

Bragging Rights: the offbeat personal finance blog

The insightful content on Len Penzo takes a lighthearted look at the serious business of planning ahead. With posts like “5 Personal Finance Tenets That Aren’t as Smart as They Used to Be,” the resource keeps itself fresh and relevant, adapting for the times in an ever-turbulent market. This site also took the Plutus Award for “Best Personal Finance Blog.”

Social Clout: 3,478+ followers, 1,162+ likes

URL: http://lenpenzo.com/

The Simple Dollar thesimpledollar.com
The Simple Dollar

Bragging Rights: for those who need cents and sense

Trent Hamm kicked off The Simple Dollar in 2006. Hamm himself recovered from a complete financial breakdown, as he describes it. Since then, he’s pooled together a broad spectrum of advice and information centered around stabilizing your credit and sticking with a savings plan. He escaped a true financial hole and uses the experience to help others tread more safely.

Social Clout: 20,025+ likes, 6,239+ followers

URL: http://www.thesimpledollar.com/

The Digerati Life thedigeratilife.com
The Digerati Life

Bragging Rights: helping you make smart financial choices

Editor Finn Lane is a self-described Silicon Valley girl who brings an all-inclusive platform to money management, addressing its relationship to our health, our families and our future. A thick roster of catalogs tackle every side of money, from job searches and career placement, to retirement investing and making your savings last.

Social Clout: 3,825+ followers, 579+ likes

URL: http://www.thedigeratilife.com/

Budgets are Sexy budgetsaresexy.com
Budgets are Sexy

Bragging rights: a finance blog that won’t put you to sleep

As seen in Time Magazine and U.S. News & World Report, Budgets are Sexy brings a fun voice to money management, with interesting essays like “Would You Gain 25 Pounds to Wipe out ALL Your Debt?” Founder J. Money is decidedly detailed and offers a wellspring of guidance on a vast array of subjects, including recognizing true profit potential and updating your budget.

Social Clout: 14,382+ followers, 4,415+ likes

URL: http://www.budgetsaresexy.com/

Well Heeled wellheeledblog.com
Well Heeled

Bragging Rights: save for tomorrow, enjoy today

Well Heeled comes from a 20-something who shares her personal savings efforts as she helps readers attain their goals. Posts like “5 Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your Next Trip and Save Money” bring practical tips for wiser investing. The nuts and bolts expenditures, like “Choosing the Right Self-Storage Unit for Your Move,” provide real-world function to the site.

Social Clout: 3,110+ followers, 17+ likes

URL: http://www.wellheeledblog.com/

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