Is Bad Credit a Dating Don’t?

Is Bad Credit A Dating Dont
David Andrew
By: David Andrew
Updated: July 24, 2014
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We spend a lot of time planning our dating lives. Most people know what it takes to be a good date: dress well, be polite, do not spend too much time talking about exes, etc.

But what if you are doing everything right and still struggling to find a match?

The problem could be your credit score.

1. Bad credit is a huge deal-breaker.

Americans are very concerned about the financial prospects of their partners.

In a recent study from Fox News, 20 percent of men and 30 percent of women said a bad credit score would be a deal-breaker in a long-term relationship.

This makes sense because sharing a life together means sharing your finances.

That future is not exactly romantic.

This survey also shows just how important Americans rate personal finances for dating.

Respondents said financial responsibility was just as important as looks and compatibility for the people they were dating.

“A bad credit score gives the impression

of a future spent fighting over bills.”

2. What to do with a bad score.

A bad credit score is going to hurt your dating life, along with your finances.

If your score is weak, it is important to take action now to get back on track. Request a copy of your credit report so you can see which debts you have outstanding balances on.

You will also be able to see your current score. Make a weekly goal for paying down your credit card balances because this helps your score.

Set up a clear list of when your minimum payments are due each month. Be sure to hit all of them on time.

Payment history is the key to your credit score. If you make your payments on time, it will go up. If not, your score will go down.

3. What about dating?

You will not be able to fix your bad credit score overnight. Does that mean you should not date? It does not mean that at all.

Respondents did not like a bad credit score because it represents financial irresponsibility. If you are taking action to fix your score, that is something to be proud of.

When people hear your plan, it looks almost as good as if you had a good credit score in the first place.

The worst thing you can do is hide the problem, continue your bad habits and have your partner only discover the problem much later on, like when you apply for a home loan together.

This is when bad credit can become a relationship killer.

Use this dating study as one more piece of motivation to fix your credit score. With a little work and time, your credit and your dating life will be in top shape.