5 Ways to Survive Dating With Bad Credit

5 Smooth Ways To Survive Dating With Bad Credit
Mike Randall
By: Mike Randall
Updated: January 11, 2018
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If you have bad credit, you already know it affects all areas of your life. Hopefully you’re working to improve your credit and get things back on track, but in the meantime it’s probably cramping your style. Take dating for instance — from searching for the right partner to choosing fun and interesting activities, dating can be a challenge when you have bad credit.

Fortunately there are things you can do to that will make the best of your bad credit situation. Here are five things that you should know when you’re dating and have bad credit.

1. Be honest with your problem

One of the worst things you can do when dating is to keep your bad credit hidden. It will eventually come out, and then you will look even worse. Instead, be up-front about your financial and credit situation. Explain how you got there and what you’re doing to get back on track. If nothing else you’ll get points for honesty — you may even find you also get respect for your efforts.

2. Choose your dating partners carefully

Successfully dating when you have bad credit means you need to find a partner who is understanding and down to earth. The perfectly dressed and manicured person who drives a Mercedes Benz is not likely to tolerate your financial challenges for very long. Being realistic about whom you choose can lead to a more appropriate and successful dating experience.

3. Be creative to find low-cost fun

Finding fun and interesting things to do on a date can be a challenge if you’re on a strict budget (as you should be). So, it’s time to get creative and find things that don’t cost a lot but that are still interesting. If you cook, a nice meal at home is a lot less expensive than eating out. Also, pay attention to your partner’s interests and suggest things that you know they will enjoy. Thoughtfulness and attentiveness are always appreciated!

4. Be understanding

If you want your dating partner to be understanding of your financial and credit situation, you need to do the same. Work to understand their feelings, likes, dislikes and desires as well. Again, what you expect is what you should be giving.

5. Do the work

Finally, you need to continue to work toward improving your credit. Pay down debts, don’t abuse your credit cards, and be financially responsible. If your dating partner sees that you are making an effort and that it’s paying off, you’ll earn even more respect. Soon your credit will be better and you’ll be able to take your dating relationship to a new and more rewarding phase.

Let us know your thoughts on dating when you have bad credit. If you have stories and suggestions to share, we’d love to hear them. Happy dating!

Honesty and a proactive approach to personal finance can help solve many relationship problems.

An honest, proactive approach to financial issues can help solve many relationship problems.

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