Pinnacle Credit Repair Provides Personalized Service and Helps Clients Attain Fast Results

Pinnacle Credit Repair Offers Personalized Service And Fast Results

In a Nutshell: Pinnacle Credit Repair provides clients a technology-based approach to fixing credit scores and even offers personalized guidance from the Founder and CEO Andre Nguyen. The company often achieves fast results with its proprietary system that leverages AI and automates parts of the process. Pinnacle’s technology also analyzes credit reports and uses methods that yield the best results for each negative item.

Pinnacle Credit Repair Founder and CEO Andre Nguyen is all about results. That’s why testimonial after testimonial on the company’s Instagram page tells the story of how his company helped clients erase up to dozens of negative entries from their credit reports.

Nguyen refined his methods after learning strategies from some of the top minds in the credit repair industry. He began his journey as a web designer, but he decided to shift his focus after hearing that one of his clients was scamming people and ruining their credit.

He dropped the web design client immediately and got to work to help those people who reached out to him. He contacted one of the biggest credit repair services in the industry to help the scammed victims, and Nguyen made sure to learn as much as he could during the process.

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Nguyen said he saw credit repair as an opportunity to help people. Using the knowledge he gained from studying under credit repair industry leaders, he launched Pinnacle Credit Repair with the goal to differentiate itself in the market.

California-based Pinnacle Credit Repair hit the ground running with an innovative approach that leverages artificial intelligence and automated processes in the credit repair process. Nguyen said that Pinnacle was already outperforming local credit repair companies across the state shortly after its launch.

Many clients turn to Pinnacle’s innovative methods after spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on other services and not seeing any results. Nguyen said his technology and expertise can help clients see results faster than most of his competitors.

“I learned how to fix credit using consumer laws — and even laws that are not necessarily in the realm of credit repair,” Nguyen said. “We also go through certain avenues to communicate with the federal government, instead of communicating with the Bureau’s directly”

Technology Surfaces the Best Solutions for Credit Repair

Pinnacle Credit Repair’s solutions use a mix of both automated processes and manual document work to ensure clients receive the best results possible. The company relies on technology it calls ACAT, which is short for Automatic Credit Analytic Technology.

Nguyen told us the program combs through all of the consumer data the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Consumer Data Industry Association hosts. ACAT finds instances where a dispute resulted in a removal and studies how to solve the problem.

The information helps Pinnacle Credit Repair draft documents an actual human would write to get accounts erased from credit reports. Nguyen said the entire process is similar to a game of wits he often likes to play: chess.

Andre Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Credit Repair
Andre Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Credit Repair

“There’s basically an outline and a list of possible strategies with the highest priority,” Nguyen said. “ACAT goes in and ranks the strategies by highest percentage of success and that’s how we attack negative accounts.”

Pinnacle’s ACAT system is entirely in-house and works in conjunction with the company’s employees. Nguyen said that, by using ACAT, Pinnacle reduces the process time for account removal by about half compared to the time it takes competitors to accomplish the same outcome.

“Credit repair leaders that worked with our clients previously sent out disputes with no success,” Nguyen said. “When we do it, customers might think it’s not going to work because they’ve heard it before. But when our system works, it just goes to show how great our technology is.”

Tailored Techniques Differentiate From Competitors

People who are looking for credit repair have two options to choose from on Pinnacle’s website. The two credit repair tiers are called Fast Track Elite and Hire Me Personally.

Fast Track Elite is the cheaper option with a smaller down payment and monthly payments. This option is for people who can’t spend as much money on their credit repair, but still need help.

Hire Me Personally is self-explanatory. By paying the one-time fee, clients receive access to Nguyen himself. He said he can usually take care of a client’s credit reports within 30 days.

Pinnacle’s Fast Track Elite service requires a $199 enrollment fee, and monthly payments of $99 paid until the company can fully clean up the client’s credit report with a 120-day satisfaction guarantee. The Hire Me Personally package ranges in price between $1,500 and $2,500 and will see faster results than the Fast Track Elite service.

Both tiers take advantage of Pinnacle’s ACAT technology. Nguyen said clients in both tiers usually see significant improvements to their credit score within a month.

Nguyen recalled a client’s experience with other credit repair companies. The client had paid more than $5,000 to several different companies with no success.

The client found Pinnacle Credit Repair and paid to hire Nguyen personally. Pinnacle’s system with ACAT cleaned up the client’s credit report within 30 days. By hiring Nguyen personally, clients receive personalized service tailored to their financial situation.

“When clients hire me personally, I do a one on one call with them,” Nguyen said. “I would look at the report and guide them on changes they can make to instantly raise credit. The small increase in credit may be enough for them to receive approval for a new credit card and, with continued financial responsibility, see credit scores continue to go up.”

Setting Financial Goals is Critical to Achieving Results

Nguyen speaks to his clients directly to better understand how Pinnacle can help their specific situation. One of the biggest challenges the company runs into are clients who don’t quite understand the benefits of repairing their credit reports.

Nguyen said it’s important for consumers to understand how improving their credit score can help their finances in many ways. The benefits could be to receive lower interest rates, or to receive mortgage approval to buy a house. But without a goal in mind, Nguyen said people are going to fall short of what they want.

“I would first tell them to look at themselves and understand why they want their credit score to go up because that’s important,” Nguyen said. “If they understand what they want to achieve, they will be able to have a goal in mind and a timeframe.”

Having proper goals and a time frame by which to reach them gives clients guidance on the package that is best for them. Pinnacle has also assisted homeless people who call and request credit repair at no charge to them. 

“We just want to fix their credit and do it quickly,” Nguyen said. “We have to do everything ethical and do it faster and better than everyone else.”