10 Best Twitter Feeds for #Finance Junkies

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10 Best Twitter Feeds for #Finance Junkies

A good Twitter feed is about more than hashtags and brevity. It’s about distributing quality information to your followers over a consistent period.

That’s where these Twitter feeds shine – by offering thoughtful and useful links to the tools, insight and guidance needed to help make smarter money decisions.

Robert T. Kiyosaki twitter.com/theRealKiyosaki
Robert T. Kiyosaki

Bragging Rights: bridging the financial literacy gap

Known as “Rich Dad,” personal finance guru Robert Kiyosaki has built a name for himself as a financial guru who specializes in helping people build from the ground up. Kiyosaki uses his wry wit, games and wisdom to help everyday Americans think and act like the biggest names in finance.

Twitter Clout: 762,000+

URL: https://twitter.com/theRealKiyosaki

Mint twitter.com/mint

Bragging Rights: see all your finances in one place

Millions of Americans use Mint as a tool to help visualize spending habits and manage their personal finances. Their Twitter feed provides excellent, relevant news and stories from actual Mint users about their financial methods and adventures.

Twitter Clout: 215,000+

URL: https://twitter.com/mint

Clark Howard twitter.com/ClarkHoward
Clark Howard

Bragging Rights: save more, spend less and avoid rip-offs

Radio and television host Clark Howard covers everything from consumer fraud to the best deals on the market. He takes a hands-on approach to researching his content, blending common sense wisdom with quality resources from around the Web. His ongoing goal? Weening people off credit cards and getting them out of debt.

Twitter Clout: 84,000+

URL: https://twitter.com/ClarkHoward

DailyFinance twitter.com/daily_finance

Bragging Rights: advice for a lifetime of financial decisions

Powered by AOL, Daily Finance provides tips for planning all of life’s financial milestones. Interesting, informative and always topical, Daily Finance features authoritative content from leading industry experts on how to plan, save, spend and invest smarter.

Twitter Clout: 55,300+

URL: https://twitter.com/daily_finance

Wise Bread twitter.com/wisebread
Wise Bread

Bragging Rights: living large on a small budget

Wise Bread’s community manager, Ashley Jacobs, and senior editor, Meg Favreau, always impress with their choice of links and resources built around living large on a small budget. From daily bargain alerts on items ranging from charcoal to makeup, to learning tools for starting a budget and reducing waste, Wise Bread is an invaluable personal finance resource.

Twitter Clout: 37,500+

URL: https://twitter.com/wisebread

Kiplinger twitter.com/Kiplinger

Bragging Rights: personal finance analysis

Kiplinger features one of the Web’s most extensive collection of personal finance resources and information. Tools, quizzes, articles, guides and more help visitors navigate major expenses through all stages of life and follow the latest market developments.

Twitter Clout: 31,900+

URL:  https://twitter.com/Kiplinger

Get Rich Slowly twitter.com/GetRichSlowly
Get Rich Slowly

Bragging Rights: personal finance that makes cents

Named one of the 25 Best Blogs by Time Magazine, Get Rich Slowly uses its Twitter feed to share advice on debt elimination, saving regularly and investing practically. No get-rich-quick schemes here — just a handful of experts who walk readers through their journeys from debt to financial security.

Twitter Clout: 26,100+

URL: https://twitter.com/GetRichSlowly

Rob Carrick twitter.com/rcarrick
Rob Carrick

Bragging Rights: sharing 20 years of experience

Twenty-year personal finance guru Rob Carrick provides daily tips for maintaining financial independence, drawing on his experience as The Globe and Mail’s personal finance columnist. Much of his content focuses on Generation Y, but readers of any age can use his advice to make healthier financial decisions.

Twitter Clout: 17,000+

URL: https://twitter.com/rcarrick

Money Under 30 twitter.com/MoneyUnder30
Money Under 30

Bragging Rights: simple strategies to find success at any age

Money Under 30’s Twitter page focuses more on larger expenses and long-term goals. Their content helps followers stay up to date with changing markets, trends and realities. Host David Weliver brings a lighthearted but well-informed voice to the industry.

Twitter Clout: 8,809+

URL:  https://twitter.com/MoneyUnder30

EARN twitter.com/earn

Bragging Rights: helps low-wage workers save and invest

This feed comes from EARN, a provider of “goal-based” savings accounts in the U.S. They encourage people to develop a savings strategy and offer advice about personal finance, planning for a mortgage and reigning in spending. Content is always solid and well-sourced.

Twitter Clout: 8,118+

URL: https://twitter.com/earn

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