10 Best Finance Apps

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10 Best Finance Apps

Money management is at the tip of your fingers with these 10 great apps, which were selected for their diverse designs, tight compatibility and unique features.

Whether cutting coupons or juggling high-risk investments, the right tools can make all the difference.

Simple simple

Bragging Rights: welcome to better banking

Simple is a lifesaver of an app, simplifying and untangling expenses and offering a clear road map for safe charging. This is a terrific tool for those just learning to manage credit or those who want a cleaner, easier platform for seeing what’s been spent.

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Wealthfront wealthfront.com

Bragging Rights: investing your money for you

From “the world’s largest and fastest-growing automated investment service” comes Wealthfront, which is a great resource. You can become more tax aware with asset allocation or maximize your gains through passive investing. The tools and know-how are just a few clicks and swipes away, including things like Tax Loss Harvesting.

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URL: https://www.wealthfront.com/

Expensify expensify.com

Bragging Rights: expense reports that don’t suck

Make your expenses easy to track and understand with Expensify, a great app for automatically importing your credit card transactions to an expense report or tracking cash payouts. Mileage for work travel can be charted, as well as over reimbursable or billable expenses. Expensify is fully customizable, so the user can arrange their own protocol.

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URL: https://www.expensify.com/

Future Advisor futureadvisor.com
Future Advisor

Bragging Rights: premium investment management

Future Advisor is an excellent tool for investors and comes from a top investment advisory firm with clients nationwide. Members get free daily personalized analysis on their portfolio, with word on the street, related news and a complete overview of investment options. Bonus: Recommendations and easy guidance are always at the ready.

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URL: https://www.futureadvisor.com/

Level Money levelmoney.com
Level Money

Bragging Rights: never worry about budgeting again

Level Money helps you keep a clear line of sight on what you can and should spend. By automatically updating how much spendable cash you have after making purchases, it provides a simple and real-time glance at how you’re doing. This app helps you stay in the black by making wiser decisions based on the bigger picture.

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URL: https://levelmoney.com/

Walla.by walla.by

Bragging Rights: maximize online shopping rewards

By optimizing credit card usage based on your individual preferences, Walla.by helps you make the most of plastic purchases. Pinpoint just the right card to carry based on your needs and the applicable interest using Wallet Boost, as well as early testing of new apps in their arsenal.

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URL: https://www.walla.by/

Saved Plus savedplus.com
Saved Plus

Bragging Rights: saving money without too much thinking

Make saving money effortless by automatically diverting a regular percentage of your spending to your savings account. Cut out the middle man and implement Saved Plus’ foolproof system. This financial tool helps people from all economic backgrounds to meet their financial goals, whether you’re saving for a vacation or building your Christmas budget.

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URL: http://savedplus.com/

Likefolio likefolio.com

Bragging Rights: see the social in stocks

Likefolio turns the brands you love into a working portfolio. By searching your personalized resources for mentions of publicly traded companies and their brands or services, you are shown the top five stocks being talked about in your circles, as well as how well you’d have done investing $10,000 a year ago.

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URL: http://likefolio.com/

Larky larky.com

Bragging Rights: get what you deserve

Find the perks and discounts you deserve with Larky, the amazing app that makes sure you don’t lose out on what you’ve earned. It tracks your loyalty program rewards to make sure you’re credited what’s due. From airlines to credit cards to gym memberships, the reminders keep everything calendared.

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URL: http://www.larky.com/

Earmark ermrk.it

Bragging Rights: do what you want without breaking the bank

Earmakr is a stylish and simple budgeting app that helps people reign in their spending with quick and complete access to all of their balances. You can mark items to save for and share your effort to build savings. The app also helps you adjust some of those luxuries that derail planning in a cheerful and supportive manner.

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URL: http://ermrk.it/

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