5 Summer Drinks That Secretly Reveal Your Financial Habits

5 Summer Drinks That Secretly Reveal Your Financial Habits
Stefanie O'Connell
By: Stefanie O'Connell
Updated: March 1, 2016
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You’re lounging poolside, the setting sun beaming on your face. It’s officially happy hour and you’re in the mood to celebrate — what do you order?

Something sweet, bitter, sour, or a little bit of everything? Let’s take a look at what your summer drink of choice might say about your spending persona.

1. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

This classic hangover cocktail is indicative of  a good night out — sometimes too good a night out. That next day pain of too many cocktails quelled only by more alcohol may reflect similar spending habits.

After splurging and feeling that ache of buyers’ remorse, you move on with more spending to forget. Unfortunately, ignoring poor spending choices doesn’t make them go away.

While a hangover may fade away by the time you reach the bottom of a cocktail, debt and financial pain sticks around until you confront it head on.

2. Mojito


This refreshing summer cocktail combines very basic ingredients to create a delightfully cool buzz.

The love of a mojito is the love of finding joy in the simple things. When you can find your fun frugally, you maximize your opportunities for more.

3. Sangria


Good sangria is all about those chunks of wine-soaked fruit flavoring each sip.

An affinity for those chunks of goodness might be spilling over into your day to day. Are you placing too much value on the “stuff” inside your life? Prizing the collection of material things over life experiences?

Enjoy those pieces — be they cars, clothes, homes, etc. — but don’t let them overwhelm you or your spending to the point you have no resources left to enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll be so full of fruit there’ll be no more room left for the wine.

4. Martini


Martinis strike a delicate balance between simplicity and flavor. With a base of gin, a dash of vermouth, and a twist of olive or lemon can make this simple drink fun and exciting.

If you’re a martini fan, perhaps you’ve found that delicate balance between staying on budget and introducing fun and spice into your life without overindulging.

5. Daiquiri


Daiquiris serve up a combination of frozen sweetness and slight buzz that make any hot summer day instantly cooler.

But this indulgent treat is just that — a treat, and one that needs to be enjoyed in moderation to avoid a caloric catastrophe.

As a daiquiri drinker, you’re a fan of the sweet things in all aspects of your life. Go ahead, enjoy. Indulge in a day at the spa or the occasional designer accessory, but remember moderation. Too much sweetness leads to a queasy stomach and an empty wallet.

And of course, please drink responsibly.

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