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Checking Credit Card Receipts Could Affect Your Health

Steven Tumulski 5/11/18

It seems everything leads to cancer, these days. You can’t do too much of anything without putting yourself at some sort of increased risk.

But who would have thought checking your credit card receipts could lead to cancer?

A new study by France’s Sanitary Safety Agency commenced early in 2013. The data is still being reviewed, but it currently seems to indicate a correlation between regularly touching credit card receipts and developing cancer.

It’s no secret stressing and fussing over money and bills isn’t good for your mental health. But now there’s a chance sitting down at the kitchen table to reconcile your checkbook could prove far more hazardous than anyone ever thought.

“There’s a chance reconciling your

checkbook could be hazardous.”

The potential link is caused by bisphenol, an important component in the process of thermal printers typically used at ATMs, supermarkets, credit card machines and plenty of other places.

Bisphenol can penetrate through the skin, increasing the risk of developing cancer or even causing birth defects.

The good news is few of us are exposed to bisphenol enough for it to be a true concern. Those working at supermarkets or interacting with thermally printed receipts on a regular basis are at the most risk.

Source: Sanitary Safety Agency. Photo source: lboro.ac.uk.

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