How RepairMyCreditNow Helps Clients Improve Credit Scores by Removing Discrepancies and Negative Items From Reports

Repairmycreditnow Helps Clients Boost Scores
Matt Walker
By: Matt Walker
Posted: March 16, 2020
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In a Nutshell: A wide range of factors can bring down a person’s credit score, from mistakes on a credit report, closed accounts, or bankruptcies. RepairMyCreditNow has been helping clients boost their scores for more than 20 years through its thorough, holistic credit repair process. The company not only improves credit scores, but it educates its customers along the way so they don’t wind up in the same situation again. With more than 40,000 clients helped and numerous glowing testimonials, RepairMyCreditNow appears to be a solid choice when it comes to credit repair services.

Doug Parker was in his early 20s when he sustained an injury that temporarily kept him out of the workforce. At the same time, with no income coming in, Doug watched his medical bills steadily rise.

Thankfully, Doug was able to recover and pay off his outstanding debts soon after returning to work. But then, something unexpected happened, said Doug’s wife Julie.

RepairMyCreditNow Logo“When he paid off his debts, it basically updated the date of last activity on his accounts and it made our scores plummet,” Julie said. “We were like, ‘Wait, we’re penalized for paying things off?’ That seems counterintuitive.”

They also discovered that many of the accounts in his credit report contained inaccuracies, which contributed to the low score.

She said that, at the time, they were a young married couple with two kids, and one of their vehicles was was approaching its last mile. The thought of waiting seven years for their credit to improve as old accounts fell off didn’t seem like an option.

From there, Doug began researching the credit reporting process and looking at ways in which they could regain their good credit and solid financial footing.

“He started researching all the things that were actually wrong with the reporting,” Julie said. “And that’s kind of how RepairMyCreditNow was started.”

Doug began contacting the creditors and credit reporting agencies, he writes on the RepairMyCreditNow website.

“I demanded that they either verify the information that they had reported as 100% accurate or DELETE it!” Doug writes. “Over the next few months, I was astonished with the inaccuracies that had surfaced and were subsequently DELETED.”

From there, Doug and Julie began helping friends with their credit reports, and that eventually grew into their full-time business.

Since 1997, the couple has helped countless consumers get their credit back on track.

The Company’s Process Helps Consumers Maintain a Steady Course Toward Improved Credit

“Not all credit repair is created equal, and I think that’s probably one of the biggest problems for people — they just don’t know what type of credit repair they’re getting,” Julie said.

While some credit repair companies may only provide credit report disputes while others may only focus on creditors, RepairMyCreditNow takes a more holistic approach.

Julie Parker

Julie Parker is the COO of RepairMyCreditNow.

“We help with credit building, we help with explaining the credit scores and exactly how they’re scored so that it’s this complete team approach between the client and the credit repair company,” Julie said. “We just help them with all the things that are difficult that somebody could come across in doing their own credit repair.”

In addition to addressing mistakes and discrepancies, the company can help delete bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, slow payments, charge-offs, foreclosures, and collection accounts through credit repair, and ensure an accurate credit history, according to the company website.

RepairMyCreditNow offers free phone consultations, Julie said, and a lot of the credit repair process is also done over the phone.

Julie explained that, during the initial consultation process, the company will let the potential client know if it will be likely to help the person or not. They go through the person’s credit report in detail and address every issue to determine if RepairMyCreditNow is the right approach for them.

“We’re not like a lot of credit repair companies where it doesn’t matter what is on your credit report and they’re going to tell you they can help you no matter what,” she said. “Our success rate is really high because we don’t take on cases that are questionable. I’m not going to waste that person’s time if we don’t have a great chance of success.”

Financial Education is a Key Component of Future Success

Julie said it’s not only important to help clients stay informed as they go through the credit repair process, but RepairMyCreditNow helps them prepare for a stable future as well.

“They’re getting financial education the entire time they’re with us,” she said. “The goal is for them to learn so much from this process that they won’t have to come see us again.”

In addition to frequently talking with clients about the credit repair process as they go through it, the company also sends out informative emails that explain the ins and outs of the process in detail so the client can reference it at their convenience.

“We talk to them all the time about what’s going on, and we tell them that anytime they’re ready to make a financial decision about their credit accounts, just call us,” she said. “It’s much better for them to call us and tell us they’re about to close an account because we may advise them not to do it, especially if it’s the account they have all their history tied up in.”

Julie said that, essentially, the only reason they would recommend someone to close an account is if the client has so many accounts that a score cannot be calculated or if the account was awarded to an ex-spouse in a divorce decree and they can’t get their name off of the account.

Not only do the experts at RepairMyCreditNow educate clients throughout the credit repair process, but the company website serves as a robust repository for financial and credit repair information.

Nearly 50 articles address common credit issues facing consumers, from information about how credit scores are calculated to how factors like divorce or child support can impact credit. A separate section on the website addresses even more common credit problems and includes contact information on credit repair laws, contact information for credit agencies, and much more.

The RepairMyCreditNow website also provides access to numerous credit score calculators and tools to help consumers obtain a clear view of their financial health.

Positive Reviews and Customer Testimonials Attest to the Affectiveness of RepairMyCreditNow

With a wide range of credit repair agencies available these days, it’s not always easy to know which one to select, Julie acknowledges. But a business history of more than 20 years, over 40,000 clients successfully helped, and a track record of positive reviews and positive testimonials attest to the effectiveness RepairMyCreditNow practices.

And although, as Julie said, the company’s goal is not to have repeat business from the same consumers, they are always happy to help out former clients.

Satisfied Customers Photo

RepairMyCreditNow has helped more than 40,000 clients improve their credit scores.

“I had a guy yesterday who literally just called me to ask me about a financial question,” she said. “Not because he’s still my client, but because he was my client a year ago. And he just wanted to ask me a question. He knows he can always call and ask questions.”

The company also offers a money-back guarantee, Julie said. And in 20-plus years, RepairMyCreditNow has only had to give money back a couple of times, and each time it was because the clients branched out from the company’s advice. The clients took their own course of action and did not get the results they desired.

“If you follow our process and do the things we tell you to do, the process always works,” she said.

Numerous positive reviews for RepairMyCreditNow can be found online, and the company website hosts more than 15 years of glowing thank you letters from clients.

“Glen at Repair My Credit Now has been amazing. He truly does care about my credit…not only helping with disputed items on my account but teaching me how to improve my score,” wrote Carolyn Ford in a Google review. “Highly recommend using him and their services. I felt so secure using RMCN.”

So, if like Doug and Julie Parker, you are surprised to see a credit score much lower than you expected on your report, RepairMyCreditNow’s experts can help you get to the root of the problem and boost your score.