PerfectRec Saves Shoppers Time Finding the Best Technology Product at the Right Price Point

Perfectrec Guides Consumers To The Right Product For Them

In a Nutshell: Pinpointing a trusted review site from the plethora of websites offering product reviews can make comparison shopping difficult for consumers. PerfectRec provides reviews from product experts and personalized recommendations to help consumers find products that meet their needs. The site asks users questions about their preferences in order to provide personalized recommendations of consumer electronics like phones, laptops, TVs, and headphones, and helps give consumers a better understanding of a product’s benefits and drawbacks.

Anyone who’s ever been in the market for a new phone or computer may have found themselves overwhelmed at some point by the sheer number of options available. And with difficult-to-anticipate retailer sales events and manufacturer discounts, consumers can feel it’s nearly impossible to find the right product at the right price. 

Those who turn to the internet for help may instead find themselves mired in more confusion. Online review sites are plentiful, but many offer conflicting opinions and incomplete information. 

PerfectRec is a company that guides consumers to help them find the right product at the right price. We spoke with PerfectRec’s Co-Founder and Head of Marketing and Product, Wally Nowinski, to learn more about the company’s services and how it can help consumers save time and money.

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Before starting the company, Nowinski said PerfectRec’s founders were regularly frustrated with their inability to find trustworthy product reviews online. 

“The internet has gotten much better for a lot of things over the years,” Nowinski said. “But it has bizarrely gotten much worse for finding accurate product information and researching what to buy. A lot of trusted reviews are increasingly going behind paywalls.”

Nowinski said online chat forums often contain authentic customer reviews, but readers must sift through misinformation and forum users’ arguments and discussions to find helpful advice.

PerfectRec focuses on the American consumer and marketplace. Nowinski said PerfectRec’s founders noticed when forming the company that many of the technology products in the U.S. are expensive, which motivates consumers to conduct due diligence before making a purchase.

“A lot of the products we focus on are expensive enough that they are worthy of consumers researching them,” Nowinski said. “But unless you really want to invest a good deal of time into it, it can be kind of hard to find good research.”

Human Expertise is Complemented by Machine Learning

Consumer preferences can vary widely, Nowinski said. PerfectRec poses a series of questions to consumers before recommending a product or group of products.

“One of the things that sets us apart from other review sites is that we give you personalized recommendations,” Nowinski said.

PerfectRec uses a consumer’s answers to the questions the company asks to present product reviews that align with a user’s preferences. The company also directs users to compare product attributes to understand better which features are more critical to a specific consumer.

PerfectRec questions screenshot
PerfectRec asks consumers questions to understand what they’re seeking.

Nowinski said PerfectRec is nuanced in its evaluation of what a consumer is seeking in a product.

“We will make recommendations that are maybe slightly outside of your preferences if we think a product is worth considering, even if it costs $50 more than a competing product,” Nowinski detailed. “We’ll recommend products if we think they’re going to make your life better. That’s one of the things that sets us apart from other review sites.”

PerfectRec presents its product reviews in an easily digestible format. Nowinski said other review sites can use impenetrable jargon, making their reviews less useful to the average consumer. PerfectRec strives to use language that’s understandable to those who aren’t product enthusiasts or in the technology arena.

“We present important information in a functional way so consumers have everything they need to feel comfortable with our recommendations,” Nowinski said.

PerfectRec’s recipe for building comprehensive product reviews relies on two elements — human expertise and traditional machine-learning feedback mechanisms. PerfectRec employs a team of data scientists who are machine-learning experts. Nowinski said the company’s data scientists work on all the products the company reviews.

PerfectRec recruits product enthusiasts to contribute information for each product vertical the company is involved in, Nowinski said.

Helping Consumers Avoid the Wrong Product

Nowinski said PerfectRec discovers many of its product enthusiasts by searching the Reddit forums.

“There are people on Reddit whose hobby is logging into various subreddits and answering people’s product questions,” Nowinski explained. “Our goal is to bring the knowledge of Reddit and present it in a format everyone can use.”

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Product reviews help consumers make informed decisions.

Product enthusiasts may not have writing skills or business backgrounds, but PerfectRec doesn’t need them to. Nowinski said the company seeks product reviewers who know how to conduct research and have been obsessed with particular types of products, including phones and televisions, for years. Most product enthusiasts that PerfectRec contacts for employment opportunities are pleased to work with the company.

“Generally, people tend to be delighted and somewhat shocked that someone has contacted them and asked to pay them to do their hobby,” Nowinski said.

PerfectRec can help consumers avoid the disappointment and financial loss associated with buying a product that doesn’t meet their needs. Although new phones can be expensive, they can last for years with proper care.

“The average American uses their phone up to five hours per day,” Nowinski said. “If they can get a phone that meets their needs better than another device, then they should probably do that.”

Using a search engine to find reviews for a single product may yield millions of results. Nowinski said there are only a few big-name brands and media organizations that people trust, but people should be skeptical of many of the internet’s product review sites.

“Unless you’re an especially savvy consumer, it can be very difficult to tell a reputable site from a site you should avoid,” Nowinski said. “Some sites use real research and real reporters. Others use ChatGPT.”

Timely Reviews Align With Product Releases

Nowinski said keeping pace with product price changes is a challenge all review websites encounter. PerfectRec’s engineering team uses an in-house price-scraping tool to ensure the site captures the latest product prices.

“For some items, the price almost never changes,” Nowinski said. “But other products can have multiple price changes throughout the day. Obviously, we don’t feature prices from every single retailer possible, but we aim to provide accurate pricing information from the big, national retailers who are available in most markets or online.”

PerfectRec adds timely appraisals of newly released products to its vault of reviews. Nowinski said PerfectRec’s efficient review process allowed the company to feature iPhone 15 reviews four hours after the product’s release.

PerfectRec offers comprehensive reviews that can be read and understood in a few minutes. Nowinski said that even highly regarded product review sites can provide reviews that are too lengthy or cumbersome for readers to understand quickly and easily.

“People’s willingness to read 10,000-word reviews for a new appliance might not be what it was in the early days of the internet,” Nowinski said. “There’s definitely a time-savings component to what we offer at PerfectRec.”

Looking toward the future, Nowinski said PerfectRec is considering ways to make its site more interactive.

“I like reading reviews, but there’s certainly a segment of the online audience that’s moving toward interactivity and video reviews,” Nowinski said.

PerfectRec is vetting offering price alerts to users to notify them when a product’s price changes at a particular retailer. Nowinski said the company also plans to provide reviews on other product categories, including electronic vehicles and financial products.