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How Did These 10 States Get the Most Credit Card Debt?

Stefanie O'Connell 5/11/18

Earlier this week Credit.com reported the top ten states with the most credit card debt.  While Q3 data shows the average credit card balance among U.S. cardholders at $3,769, the average balance in these top ten is well over $4,000.

What’s going on in these swipe happy regions to prompt such high rates of spending?

10. Colorado


Average credit card debt per cardholder: $4,152

Everybody must be flying high in the mile high city.  With recreational marijuana use now legal, there’s no fear of legal action when making a deal at the local head shop, but looking at these numbers, there certainly seems to be a high risk of credit damage.

9. Rhode Island

Average credit card debt per cardholder: $4,178

The mansions of Newport take “keeping up with the Joneses” to a whole new level.  Sorry Rhode Islanders, no amount of credit is going to afford you a place like The Breakers.

8. Virginia

Average credit card debt per cardholder: $4,225

Virginia is for lovers… who spend way too much money doting on each other.  These residents need to take a hint from Colonial Williamsburg and simplify their living.

7. Georgia

Average credit card debt per cardholder: $4,251

Because what else is there to do in Georgia?

6. Delaware

Average credit card debt per cardholder: $4,272

For being such a tiny state, Delawareans certainly know how to spend.  Maybe they’re trying to compensate for something.

5. District of Columbia

Average credit card debt per cardholder: $4,332

Congress might not be passing any laws these days but at least they’re stimulating the economy with their spending.  Who am I kidding?  You know it’s the lobbyists racking up those charges with fancy drinks and dinners.

4. Maryland

Average credit card debt per cardholder: $4,355

Located on the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland is the sailing capital of the world.  I guess all that yacht maintenance really takes its toll.

3. Connecticut

Average credit card debt per cardholder: $4,500

It takes a lot of debt to keep up the illusion that McMansions, top of the line SUVs, and private school tuition for four kids is completely affordable.  What would the neighbors think otherwise?

2. New Jersey

Average credit card debt per cardholder: $4,593

That platinum blonde hair and orange spray tan doesn’t maintain itself.  New Jerseyans spend a lot of money keeping their bling bling shiny and ready to go for impromptu clubbing down at the shore.

1. Alaska

Average credit card debt per cardholder: $4,653

Between neighboring Russia’s appetite for whimsically annexing sovereign countries and the Palin family, Alaskan’s are probably maxing out their credit cards in an effort to get out.  I just hope they’re racking up some solid travel rewards while they do it.

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Source: Credit.com

Photo credits: baumerfineart.com, rhodeislandchange.org, easternshorevablog.com, casamexilio.com, wikimedia.org, yale.edu, threebestbeaches.com, howlingforjustice.wordpress.com

Stefanie O'Connell is a New York City personal finance writer who lives by making her budget stretch. She shares financial planning, investing and spending advice on her blog, The Broke and Beautiful Life. A graduate of New York University, Stefanie discovered the world of financial planning out of necessity. Connect with Stefanie on Google+.
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