Freedom Financial Network Offers Tools to Help Get Out of Debt — Now with $5 Billion of Consumer Debt Resolved So Far

Freedom Financial Network Offers Tools to Help Get Out of Debt — Now with $5 Billion of Consumer Debt Resolved So Far
Ashley Dull
By: Ashley Dull
Updated: March 26, 2018
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In a Nutshell: Understanding your finances and managing debt shouldn’t send you into a state of shock. Though often daunting, your personal finances can provide a sense of freedom when in order. Freedom Financial Network has three sites under its umbrella — Freedom Debt Relief,, and FreedomPlus — all providing simple, honest pathways to a healthy financial future. Whether you need to get out of debt, better manage your bills, or find a mortgage loan that’s right for you, the people at Freedom Financial can help. As a leader in online financial services with more than 1,000 teammates, the network has now helped resolve more than $5 billion in consumer debt.

Today is a great day. Your hair did exactly what you wanted it to. You nailed your big presentation at work. And that cute guy you gave your number to last week finally asked you on a date. You’re feeling like all is right in the world. And then you get home and check your mailbox.

American Express. Macy’s. Chase. Target. Credit card bill after credit card bill surfaces from that evil metal box, and your smile fades. Those feelings from a great day quickly turn to regret and worry. Which ones will you pay this month? How much can you put toward your balance? Is it too late to return those jeans?

We’ve all had those moments when a new stack of bills ruins an otherwise perfect day because you have more money going out than coming in. You are certainly not alone.

In 2015, the average American household carried $5,517 in credit card debt. Thankfully, there are services and solutions to help you put your debt behind you. One organization that provides several solutions under one roof is Freedom Financial Network.

Screenshot of Freedom Financial Network

Freedom Financial Network is a collection of companies that help people improve their financial standings.

Freedom Financial Network is a collection of companies with a mission to provide financial solutions, service, and education that enable consumers to reduce debt, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom. Instead of letting those bills get you down, take action and seek help from the trusted experts at Freedom Financial.

Freedom’s Core Businesses Offer Practical Solutions For Nearly Any Situation

Since 2002, Freedom Financial Network has blossomed into a leader in online financial services, operating under the values of excellence, integrity, innovation, and compassion.

Freedom Financial provides services from three companies: Freedom Debt Relief,, and FreedomPlus. Whether you want to eliminate your debt or just learn more about managing your overall finances, there is a service tailored to your needs.

Freedom Debt Relief: Helps Reduce The Amount You Owe

If you’re tired of coming home to a mailbox full of credit card bills, Freedom Debt Relief could be an ideal service for you. Freedom Debt Relief is a leader in the credit advocacy and debt resolution industry, resolving more than $5 billion in debt for clients, more than any other company in the U.S.

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Freedom Debt Relief provides free financial assessments for people with debt resolution issues.

Freedom Debt Relief is where people go for help when they are facing serious debt challenges. It helps clients by first assessing the amount of help they need. Some need simple credit counseling while others might require debt settlement, consolidation, or even bankruptcy. Freedom Debt Relief reviews every customer’s specific situation prior to enrollment to assess whether its program offers the right solution.

If the program is not right for you, Freedom Debt Relief will refer you to other companies that may be a better  fit. The goal is to help guide you to  the route that works best for you, the one that frees you from debt.

If Freedom Debt Relief is a good fit, its employees will work with you to build a customized debt program based on your situation and your financial goals. Recognizing you’re working to pay off debt, you will not be charged any fees until after your debt is resolved. Learn How to Make Good Financial Decisions

According to a recent study by the Investor Education Foundation, only 37% of Americans proved to possess an adequate understanding of financial literacy, answering four or more questions correctly in a survey about mortgage loans, student loans, and credit cards. offers an array of financial resources to help individuals make better decisions with their money — everything from informative articles to mortgage calculators and debt management tools.

Screenshot of offers tools and resources to help answer questions about personal finance and credit.

If you have a financial question and you’re not sure where to turn, offers a free online service called, “Ask Bill A Question.” This service not only allows you to consult with a panel of experts, but you can also see archived questions and answers that might help solve your problem.

If your budget needs some updating — or you need help in creating one — also offers a free guide to managing your budget that includes downloadable worksheets.

FreedomPlus & Consolidation Plus: Assistance with Your Next Loan

FreedomPlus aims to simplify the loan process with a fast and simple application. You can apply for a loan for a variety of needs, find out if you’re approved within hours, and have money in your account within 48 hours.

A loan through FreedomPlus ranges from $5,000 to $35,000 and comes with hands-on customer service, clear terms, and one fixed monthly payment.

Screenshot of FreedomPlus

FreedomPlus has a simplified loan process that can get you money in your account within 48 hours.

When you have multiple loans and/or credit cards, managing payments can be a challenge. E-bills and paper bills get shuffled in the flurry of life and before you know it, you’re slapped with a new finance charge on one and a higher interest rate on another.

Sometimes, consolidating all of your debt into one loan can help you breathe easier. FreedomPlus offers an invitation-only Consolidation Plus loan to customers who are making the effort to make financial improvements and erase their debt.

Clear a Path Through Debt With Freedom Financial Network

Sometimes, the route to becoming debt-free can seem insurmountable. Freedom Financial Network has the tools to get you started on the path to rescuing your financial standing.

Freedom Financial is a trusted source for lending, mortgage, and debt relief solutions, serving more than 100,000 consumers every month. Its creative strategies have garnered multiple awards over the last 13 years for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Freedom Financial ensures transparency and a better user experience with proprietary technology.

So, the next time you’re having a great day — when your hair is perfect and all is right in the world — let’s keep it that way. Don’t come home to a mailbox full of bills. Don’t let your debt worry you or take away from the moments in life that keep you smiling. Take charge of your happiness, and begin your journey to financial freedom.