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CreditRepair.com Goes Beyond Disputes to Fix Credit by Focusing on Fairness, Accuracy, & Substantiation

Amber Brooks 1/25/17

In a Nutshell: CreditRepair.com takes an ethical and comprehensive approach to credit repair. Rather than embracing the unethical strategy of disputing every negative item on a credit report, this agency favors a more complex investigative strategy that is three-pronged: Communications are directed to creditors and consumers, in addition to the credit bureaus, to help improve your credit profile. Members see their TransUnion credit scores improve, on average, 40 points within four months of enlisting these services. To help people achieve long-lasting financial success, CreditRepair.com goes to great lengths to educate consumers about their rights — and how the law can work in their favor.

A few years ago, Gina Taylor fell on tough times. This mother of three and grandmother of four was unemployed for six months, and she was forced to live solely on credit to get by. She made it through and found a steady job, but it took a toll on her credit score. After six months of building debt, her credit score had plunged to 633.

She was desperate to get her finances back to where they had been, but didn’t know how to fix her credit. Then, inspired by an ad she heard on the radio, she consulted with a trusted credit repair service: CreditRepair.com.

The representative didn’t make grandiose promises or unrealistic guarantees. Instead, she was given reasonable expectations about what could be accomplished and what it would take on her end. “That’s a partnership,” she says. “You’re working for me, but you’re also working with me. I loved it.”

With the help of CreditRepair.com, she was able to raise her score from 633 to 708 in just five months.

“What makes me happiest is I see a great future for my grandkids,” she says. “Not once have I been disappointed by CreditRepair.com. Everything they told me in our initial conversation, they’ve been doing.”

This kind of success is commonplace at CreditRepair.com; its reviews page is full of similar positive testimonials. Previous members have seen an average 40-point TransUnion credit score gain during four months of membership. The site offers this track record as an indication of past results, not a guarantee for prospective clients.

Even in its marketing, CreditRepair.com endeavors to be up front and honest with members. This credit-repair service takes a multi-tiered approach to boost credit scores and rid members of negative items, making sure that all items on your credit report are accurate, fair, and substantiated.

Scott Smith, President of CreditRepair.com, is proud of his company’s triumphs and integrity. “We’re not just a dispute mill,” he says. “CreditRepair.com leverages a whole range of consumer protection statutes in the service of improving somebody’s credit reports — and this goes beyond simple disputation.”

Repairs Credit with 3 Easy Steps: Check, Challenge, Change

CreditRepair.com employs a three-step process to fix a member’s credit score:

  1. Check
  2. Challenge
  3. Change

Members can track CreditRepair.com’s progress on their own desktop or mobile device. The mobile app is available for download on any iPhone, iPad, or Android, offering 24/7 access to a personal online dashboard as well as a score tracker and analysis tool. To further keep you in the loop, CreditRepair.com will also send text and email alerts about any notable updates on your credit.

A results-driven leader, Scott tells us that his team works hard to be a user-friendly and effective solution for members.

“As a consumer, you want an ethical credit repair provider who’s not hiding in the shadows and making false insinuations,” he says. “You want someone who can speak with a strong voice, ask those difficult questions, get results, and still do it ethically.”

Unlike some of its competitors, CreditRepair.com isn’t interested in playing the blame game or promising more than it can deliver — these consumer advocates fight for the rights of members without vilifying anyone.

“Because of our ethical approach,” the President explains, “all three of the major credit bureaus have established strategic partnerships with CreditRepair.com to help serve our members.”

You can call 1-(855)-255-0263 for a free consultation with a communications specialist. Then, for a small monthly fee, CreditRepair.com will rigorously pursue your best interests.

1. Check — Making a Plan of Action

Once a member signs up for CreditRepair.com, the team gets to work. The first step: check in and see what’s going on. After taking stock of the credit report, the person’s background, and what needs to be addressed, these professional problem-solvers come up with a plan of action.

CreditRepair.com works in close consultation with members and the three major credit bureaus to gather information before taking appropriate actions on specific items.

2. Challenge — Using All Avenues Available

CreditRepair.com uses any and all pathways to getting members the credit score they deserve. “Challenging, again, is not only about disputing,” Scott says. “We’re not just going to go in and say ‘This is wrong.’”

Instead, CreditRepair.com opens a dialogue between the member, the creditor, and the credit bureau, framing tough questions about what’s impacting a credit score. These experienced agents stay in close communication with all three parties and argue for fairness and full substantiation, which sometimes involves making a dispute and sometimes does not.

CreditRepair.com makes personalized recommendations that fit the member’s particular needs and goals.

“Everything that’s reported to a credit bureau must be wholly substantiated,” Scott emphasizes. “If it’s not, we’re going to ask for that credit report material to be revised.”

3. Change — Making an Enduring Impact

As a result of this team’s hard work, members often see inaccurate, unfair, or unsubstantiated reporting corrected on their credit reports.

Improving a score doesn’t necessarily mean waging war to dispute errors, but simply knowing what consumer protections can benefit members. CreditRepair.com separates itself from its competitors by being open to every means of achieving an improved credit score for its members.

On average, CreditRepair.com members have 7% of the negative items on their credit reports removed per month.

“If it’s an isolated incident, sometimes creditors will simply give a member a break on the credit reporting,” Scott says, “just based upon their longstanding record of goodwill.”

Integrity & Diligence: 3,000 Employees Advocating for You

CreditRepair.com is equipped to handle many different situations — whether you’re saddled with an ex’s credit mistakes after a divorce or you come home from military service to find a pile of financial troubles in your mailbox, Scott’s team can speak on your behalf.

“We all go through things, and I need to know there’s still good people. CreditRepair.com has great people working hard to give me the affirmation that I need.” –Gina Taylor, CreditRepair.com member

“The consumer advocates at CreditReport.com are focused, caring, and serious,” Scott tells us. “They know that they’re dealing with your most personal financial information, and they are trained (just like counselors) to value the confidentiality that must go along with that.”

When facing a serious problem, you can trust this group of individuals to fight for you with the utmost integrity. Instead of simply filing disputes and seeing what comes back, this team comes up with a nuanced game plan based on your particular issues and struggles. Sensitive to your needs, CreditRepair.com works diligently to make sure that your credit report accurately reflects your financial history.

A Scholarship Program Educates Young People About Credit

CreditRepair.com seeks enduring results, using preventative as well as reactive measures to help people out of their financial troubles. By educating consumers, the team hopes to put people on the path toward solid credit. Many times, they find that members simply don’t know what good credit behavior is or the consumer protection laws that exist to help them.

Members can speak to CreditRepair.com about these issues by phone, email, text, or chat. Moreover, through its blog, articles cover a broad range of financial topics from prepping for baby expenses to saving for retirement. The education section of CreditRepair.com, which explains loans, savings, credit improvement, debt solutions, and identity theft, informs readers about important subjects that could affect a credit score.

“Consumers are entitled to ask tough questions of credit bureaus,” Scott asserts, “challenging, debating, and disputing what’s there.”

The consumer advocacy company is committed to raising awareness in the U.S. and puts its money where its mouth is with the CreditRepair.com Scholarship Program. This scholarship opportunity is open to students for the fall and spring semesters, awarding a total of $10,000 dispersed among six lucky entrants. To apply, CreditRepair.com has students write an essay about credit, essentially teaching a large number of young adults how important a credit score is.

“This is an effort to educate consumers about credit, and that starts early,” Scott explains. “We really take our job seriously as consumer advocates.”

The earlier an individual learns about credit and how to treat finances, the better off they’ll be down the road when they’re actually faced with tough decisions about how to use and maintain their credit. CreditRepair.com invests in building this foundation for long-term and lasting well-being for all Americans.

“We’d like to see other companies emphasize credit education among young adults, because even though that’s probably not great for business, it’s going to be great for society,” he concludes. “Educating people sooner is the right thing to do.”

CreditRepair.com: An Ethical Leader with Proven Results

If you’re like Gina and need some help raising your credit score, you’ll find a supportive team ready to assist you at CreditRepair.com. Creating a strategy based on your individual situation, this company uses tactics that go beyond disputing errors on your credit report. Instead, the team takes advantage of all consumer protections out there to challenge questionable information that’s hurting your credit.

“As a result of those broad-ranging efforts,” Scott tells us, “our members have seen terrific results, including an average of 7% of the presenting negatives removed month after month.”

The company’s broad approach has been tested over time. Ethically and responsibly handling all personal information, CreditRepair.com challenges any inaccurate, unfair, or unsubstantiated information on a member’s credit report. Members can rest easy knowing that this credit repair service has the experience to rectify any issues and help raise their credit scores.

“At CreditRepair.com, all our consumer advocates are focused on making your best credit profile their first priority,” Scott says.

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