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Bad Credit Can Ruin Even The Little Things in Life

Mike Randall Updated: 12/6/16

Bad credit impacts most of the important areas of our lives, from employment opportunities to renting a home or qualifying for a loan. But beyond the big things you’re losing out on, there are important, but seemingly small missed pleasures that bad credit wounds.

Here’s are a few of life’s milestones that can be victimized by bad credit. You can reclaim these moments by improving your credit  to rescue the little things in life.

1. A weekend trip out of town to celebrate your anniversary

With bad credit, good luck getting a credit card, and any car rental agency or hotel is going to require a credit card in order for you to make a reservation.

2. The show your daughter really wants to see

Tickets are only available online, and yep – that requires a credit card to reserve as well.

3. The new smartphone that will replace your dinosaur of a phone

Most carriers will run a credit check as part of their verification process. Oops.

4. Braces for your 13-year-old

They’re expensive, but you can usually finance them – if you have good enough credit.

5. Your aging car that needs a new transmission

And it’s more than you have set aside in your emergency fund. The shop would finance part of the cost – if your credit was better.

6. Your class reunion

Too bad it’s in St. Louis and you’re in Seattle.

7. That barbeque grill/flat-screen TV/riding mower

It’s finally on sale and with zero percent interest – for those who qualify. Sorry, but that counts you out.

Anyway, you get the picture. Bad credit affects more than just the obvious.

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About Mike Randall
Mike Randall is most knowledgeable in the areas of credit scores and credit cards, having written on those topics and others for the past eight years. He graduated from California State University with a degree in English literature, and he has an extensive background in personal finance studies. When he's not keeping BadCredit.org readers informed of changes in the subprime market, Mike’s hobbies include sailing and gourmet cooking. Connect with Mike on Google+.
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