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5 Blogs That Will Turn All You Dads Into Financial Masterminds

Toby Bower 10/5/15

Fathers don’t always get their due, which is why these five sites were selected. They bring dads the financial guidance and wisdom they need in asupporting meeting place.

Saving for college, paying down the mortgage and planning for vacations are all part of the journey celebrated here.

Rich Dad


Bragging Rights: a new way of thinking about money

Rich Dad is a full-service site, offering games, workshops and apps geared toward putting your financial house in working order. Host Robert Kiyosaki is here to guide readers through his principles and methods for generating additional cash flow, improving spending patterns and investing with confidence.

Social Clout: 1.7 million+ likes, 751,000+ followers

URL: http://www.richdad.com/

Rich Dad Education


Bragging Rights: tons of self-help exercises

Rich Dad Education brings potentially life-changing philosophies on how money is handled and invested. The site helps prepare people to take positive action and implement the right principles to meet with their long-term financial goals. Posts like “Return on Equity” and “10 Commandments for Investors” are straightforward and uncomplicated.

Social Clout: 23,242+ likes, 3,109+ followers

URL: http://blog.richdadeducation.com/

Retire By 40


Bragging Rights: a very responsive readership

Joe Udo wants readers to rethink retirement and offers a plan aimed at achieving it a decade or two early. Aggressive savings and investing with a strategy are frequent topics, as well as mortgage management advice and maintaining the momentum of achieving your goals. Bonus: You can track his entire financial journey as a detailed guide.

Social Clout: 4,387+ followers, 2,399+ likes

URL: http://retireby40.org/

Retire Before Dad


Bragging Rights: keeps things light

On Retire Before Dad, this D.C.-based investor brings his unique plan of retiring one year ahead of his own father as a challenge to others. Here he focuses on income stream potentials, such as real estate, stock dividends and crucial management of retirement accounts. To him, achieving financial independence is just the beginning.

Social Clout: 598+ followers

URL: http://www.retirebeforedad.com/

Finance Dad


Bragging Rights: a host with real teaching skills

Dad of four and certified accountant Mark brings a full slate of tools and resources to teaching people about better money management. His mission is to simplify the process by focusing intently on personal finance issues that confuse, including investing, budgeting, retirement planning and frugal living.

Social Clout: 153+ followers

URL: http://financedad.com/

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