Announcing: America’s 11 Best Finance Coaches

Toby Bower
By: Toby Bower
Posted: April 23, 2014
From big names to up-and-comers, experts share their picks for the top resources in the personal finance industry.

Being able to provide guidance on money matters requires a lot more than the ability to add and subtract.

Not only were these 11 awesome finance coaches selected for their top-notch skills, but they also offer clear and compelling insights on growing your wealth.

Barbara Stanny

Bragging Rights: the leading authority on women and money

Barbara Stanny encourages you to give yourself the gift of financial empowerment. Utilize her more than 40 years of experience with a unique coaching style. At her blog, the intention is to get you cleared from the mistakes of the past. She also explores the internal mechanics, attitudes and beliefs that can drive bad money decisions.

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Rob Severson

Bragging Rights: finding the perfect financial solution for you

From the author of “Connecting Peace, Purpose and Prosperity,” Rob Severson was an admitted underachiever who had to learn to rebuild his own financial patterns. Now he offers help for those still struggling to craft a real savings or retirement plan and how to make money work for them instead of the other way around.

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Todd R. Tresidder

Bragging Rights: financial freedom for smart people

Self-made millionaire Todd Tresidder has built a cottage industry around helping people make money. He’s an old-school adviser, helping people understand the realities of building wealth and a changing retirement market. His vast site offers input on the full money spectrum, from earnings and taxes, to understanding stock value.

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Karen McCall

Bragging Rights: helping people achieve financial well-being

Karen McCall and her team at the Financial Recovery Institute offer what they hope is a permanent solution to financial woes with a compassionate approach. They understand the patterns behind overwhelming debt, the confusion over investing and the fine print that traps so many. Their content is easy to consume and is backed up by an active community of readers.

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Carrie Birgbauer

Bragging Rights: featured on Voice America & Contact Talk Radio

Carrie Birgbauer has been educating people on finances for more than 20 years. She’s a certified money coach with a master’s degree in educational technology. Her topics include detailed postings like “The Holistic Money Guide” and “The 2014 Money-Love-Action Plan” to help you track goals.

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Greg Pierce

Bragging Rights: helping you understand corporate finance

Greg Pierce, who is an experienced and respected financial manager as well as an educator, is the voice of wisdom at The Finance Coach. He breaks down everything from basic financial analysis and accounting, to understanding strategic planning and learning how to both budget and forecast trouble. This truly is great advice from a calm and proven guide.

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Bill Stanley

Bragging Rights: useful advice for individuals and families

Bill Stanley brings a straightforward approach to money matters, offering clear insight on topics like earning faster and avoiding pitfalls of investing. From Credit and Debt to Scams and Bad People, his sections give you a clear road map to real issues, including focused retirement planning and being “Married With Money.”


Mikelann Valterra

Bragging Rights: transforming your relationship with money

Mikelann Valterra understands saving for a rainy day, and she brings a friendly and focused voice to money management and building wealth. She encourages people to transform their relationship with money, to not be afraid to negotiate with credit card providers and to stake a claim for financial independence.

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Amy Carbone

Bragging Rights: easy ways to manage finances

After discovering her own shortcomings with money, this trusted psychologist began educating herself on everything related to finances. Now she’s inspired to help others struggling with the same issue. Encouraging people to “reflect before you project,” she brings a warm and sensible approach to both spending and saving.


Nancy V. Deren

Bragging Rights: conscious money choices enriching your life

From personal money coach Nancy V. Deren comes an honest, straightforward site about getting a grip on your finances. She also helps with maintaining a certain calm and keeping those money matters in true perspective. Learn the four basic steps to changing your relationship with money and saving sensibly.


Our Financial Coach

Bragging Rights: your personal guide to smart financial goals

Money coach Ganiyah Tope Fajingbesi is an internationally-chartered accountant and CPA based in Washington, D.C. She brings her more than 15 years in accounting to the task of helping people find a more solid financial footing. Inventor of “The Money Color” approach, she brilliantly uses archetypes to teach about spending patterns and savings strategies.


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