Washington’s 10 Best Credit Unions of 2015

Alexandra Leslie
By: Alexandra Leslie
Posted: March 25, 2015
From big names to up-and-comers, BadCredit.org experts share their picks for the top resources in the personal finance industry.

Washington — home to the first-ever Starbucks, as well as the nation’s wealthiest man, Bill Gates. It’s also the only state to be named after a former U.S. President, the first to levy property tax and one of seven without personal income tax levies.

In the state named after the man on the dollar bill, you’d hope to be able to find a financial institution to be trusted with your own George Washingtons. As it turns out, there are several finance cooperatives you can count on in the evergreen state.

When searching for member-focused financial resources, look no further than Washington’s 10 best credit unions of 2015:

Boeing Employees Credit Union
Boeing Employees Credit Union

With consumer needs in mind, Boeing Employees Credit Union is dedicated to helping their clients build a better financial future. Features such as Online Banking, Money Market Savings, as well as retirement and trust services, allow you to get all of your finance goals met efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s home ownership or the ultimate dream vacation, Boeing Employees Credit Union is committed to guiding you though any and all of your monetary management obstacles.

Asset Size: $13,086,438,918.00

Membership: 886,677

Twitter Handle: @BECU

URL: www.becu.org

Washington State Employees Credit Union

Washington State Employees Credit Union is a community-based cooperative that emphasizes giving back to the community. The non-profit financial institution offers membership to the Washington state area, particularly to public employees and those committed to serving their communities. Quality products and services, including money market accounts, convenient services and simple employee pension plans, are just some of the ways they make money management simpler. Whether by offering educational resources or monetary support for philanthropic organizations, WSECU treats their members like family.

Asset Size: $2,217,436,664.00

Membership: 219,591

Twitter Handle: @WSECU

URL: www.wsecu.org

Spokane Teachers Credit Union

From humble beginnings, Spokane Teachers Credit Union has blossomed into the largest and most successful of credit unions in the Inland Northwest. With conservative lending and federal insurance for your deposits, they maintain a healthy capital position and their loan loss ratio falls below the U.S. average. Spokane Teachers Credit Union holds a passion for integrity, people, service, innovation, education and celebration; however, its most valued assets are its members.

Asset Size: $2,018,708,573.00

Membership: 133,897

Twitter Handle: @stcu

URL: www.stcu.org

Gesa Credit Union

With as little as a $5 deposit, you could join the financial institution that outranks all others in consumer satisfaction every year: Gesa Credit Union. Membership offers better dividend savings rates, lower loan interest rates, minimal services charges and exceptional customer service. The benefits of a Gesa membership begin within the institution but extend beyond with discounts to retailers such as Sprint and GM. Living, working or going to school in Washington makes you eligible for lifelong membership with this remarkable credit union.

Asset Size: $1,412,134,983.00

Membership: 125,690

Twitter Handle: @GesaCU

URL: www.gesa.com

Numerica Credit Union

Numerica strives to secure and foster their members’ financial future by offering competitive rates and fees, as well as stress-free services and exceptional customer support. Educational resources such as financial calculators, tips for the younger generation of money managers and helpful articles are offered to instill a more financially stable network of people in their community.

Asset Size: $1,421,898,635.00

Membership: 108,449

Twitter Handle: @numerica

URL: www.numericacu.com

Sound Credit Union

Sound Credit Union prioritizes its members and their communities through educational and philanthropic involvement, as well as offering competitive rates, products and services. Several scholarships are awarded annually to rising college freshmen, and Sound Credit Union staff donates their time and talent to a variety of community outreach projects. The financial services, tools and counseling offered by Sound Credit Union are valuable to their members because its owner-members are valued assets themselves.

Asset Size: $1,154,288,644.00

Membership: 104,161

URL: www.soundcu.com

Columbia Credit Union

Known for competitive rates, quality customer service and eco-friendly initiatives, Columbia Credit Union has become a premier financial institution serving Washington residents. By forming partnerships with local organizations that share their values for ethics, innovation, education and service, they’ve created a cooperative that exponentially enhances its community. Columbia recognizes that it’s your financial future and allows you to contribute ideas and involvement, making it a truly collaborative staple in their community.

Asset Size: $1,022,924,338.00

Membership: 83,109

Twitter Handle: @ColumbiaCU

URL: www.columbiacu.org

School Employees Credit Union of Washington

School Employees Credit Union of Washington is committed to bringing money management tools to its members wherever they are. With mobile and online banking, 24-hour telephone banking and banking by mail, it’s no wonder School Employees Credit Union of Washington has become the state’s largest financial cooperation for education employees. Members have access to more than 30,000 ATMs and 5,000 branches across the country. If the value it holds for its members is not clear yet, the institution matches the $250,000 of federal insurance on loans with an equal value of private coverage.

Asset Size: $1,021,242,120.00

Membership: 81,526

URL: www.schoolemployeescu.org

Whatcom Educational Credit Union

Whatcom Educational Credit Union prides itself on its commitment to its customers, community and local charities. They offer a wide range of services to their members. The unique tools available to members include their HomeStart program, Balance Financial Fitness Partner and a Volunteer Achievement Program, which includes courses and conferences for financial education. Whatcom Educational Credit Union aspires to always provide its members with premier products in a sound and stable financial environment.

Asset Size: $1,080,870,815.00

Membership: 74,126

Twitter Handle: @_WECU

URL: www.wecu.com

Harborstone Credit Union

Harborstone Credit Union aspires to serve as a resource for creating and sustaining both responsible and healthy financial members through friendly customer service and eco-friendly product offerings since October of 1955. Over the last half century, this financial institution has been innovating and inspiring financial freedom, helping its members meet their economic goals. Through support for local organizations, education and the military, Harborstone is dedicated to bettering its community as a whole.

Asset Size: $1,102,929,900.00

Membership: 74,077

Twitter Handle: @Harborstone

URL: www.harborstone.com

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