How Phishing Scams Impact Your Credit

How Phishing Scams Impact Your Credit
David Andrew
By: David Andrew
Posted: November 1, 2013
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The Internet has made it easier than ever to transfer information. While this is generally a good thing, it also creates new risks.

Criminals are constantly trying to steal personal information from people online. One scam you need to be careful to avoid is phishing.

Getting caught in a phishing scam will make your life more difficult and could create problems with your credit score.

What is a phishing scam?

A phishing scam tries to trick you into revealing private information. Typically con artists send out mass emails pretending to be a legitimate organization like a bank or eBay.

This message will ask for important financial information like your bank account number, your credit card information or your Social Security number. The email will try to look official so some people think it is a real message.

How can a phishing scam impact your credit?

If con artists get a hold of your personal financial information, they can cause all kinds of trouble.

If they steal your credit card information, they could start making fraudulent charges on your account. If they track down your Social Security number, they may start opening up new credit accounts in your name.

Eventually you will be able to repair the damage, but it is going to be hard to qualify for loans during this process because your credit report will show the negative actions of the scam artist.

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the credit rating bureaus.”

How to avoid phishing scams:

You need to be very careful with what you trust on the Internet. Do not automatically assume an email is legitimate when it comes in.

Banks and other financial institutions typically have a policy of never requesting private information via email, so if you get a message asking for this information, it is likely a scam.

If you are ever unsure about a message, give the company a call and see if they did actually contact you. This will identify a phishing scam right away.

It is unfortunate that some people abuse the Internet with criminal activities like phishing. However, if you are just a little careful, you can make sure you never get stuck in these scams.

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