Credit Sesame Review: Empowering Consumers to Understand, Improve & Protect Their Credit

Credit Sesame Review: Empowering Consumers to Understand, Improve & Protect Their Credit
Ashley Dull
By: Ashley Dull
Posted: February 5, 2016
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Credit Sesame has helped nearly seven million Americans with their credit by empowering them with the knowledge they need to improve it. Credit Sesame provides its members with a TransUnion Vantage3 credit score, credit report summary, credit monitoring, and personalized recommendations based on their credit profiles – all for free, no credit card required, no strings attached.

Credit Sesame boasts the highest user engagement in a crowded “free credit score” industry. That in itself tells us that the folks at Credit Sesame are doing something that its competitors aren’t.

Credit Sesame logoFirst of all, the Vantage3 credit score is one of only two credit scores lenders look at to determine creditworthiness — the other being the FICO credit score. And while most free credit score providers offer a credit report summary, Credit Sesame is the only one to offer free credit monitoring as well.

This is significant because credit monitoring tracks changes to your credit report, helping protect you from identity theft and fraud.
Plus, Credit Sesame has partnerships that help its members save money based on what they’re currently paying for things like insurance, loans, and credit cards. Credit Sesame is able to look at your credit profile and determine which of its partners’ offers you may qualify for with lower rates and premiums. This feature essentially comparison shops for you and shows you how much you could potentially save.

All of these features, including a wealth of free information on a range of financial topics, are available on CreditSesame or on the mobile app, which you can download for free in iTunes and the Google Play Store.

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