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Ashley Dull

Lexington Law's clients have seen an average of 10.2 negative items removed from their credit reports over a four-month period, making Lexington Law our top pick for credit repair services. Lexington's welcome agents will pull your credit report from each credit bureau and walk you through negative items, helping to explain what your personalized service will entail and ensure expectations are fair. Consultations are always free. Offering three levels of service, Lexington Law can help you choose the best service for you and your credit.

- Ashley Dull, 2/6/2017

  • Free consultation: 1-855-200-2394
  • Reporting clients see 85% of negative items removed
  • More than 7.5 million item deletions last year
  • No contracts
  • Free credit score provided
  • Phone support from licensed paralegals 7 days a week
  • More than 500,000 clients served since 1991
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Overall Rating

Better Business Bureau In Business Since Monthly Cost Reputation Score
A- 1991 $79 10/10

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Lexington Law — The Leading Advocates & Most Trusted Credit Repair Service Since 1991
Expert's Take

Lexington Law — The Leading Advocates & Most Trusted Credit Repair Service Since 1991

By: Ashley Dull

In a Nutshell: Lexington Law Firm has been advocating credit repair for individuals for many years, and has represented hundreds of thousands of clients. As trusted leaders in the credit repair industry, Lexington has established relationships with the credit bureaus through years of working together that allow them to achieve higher success rates. Through approaches that are personalized to each individual’s credit history, Lexington has helped its past clients see the removal of an average of 10.2 negative items from clients’ reports.

Many important financial commitments in life require good credit, including owning a home, being approved for a loan, and buying a car. So what are you to do when your credit history prohibits you from attaining life’s necessities because of mistakes and errors on your report?

The obvious solution is to improve your credit, but that could take years if done on your own, and some of us can’t wait that long. And credit is a fickle beast. There are several ever-changing laws and regulations surrounding the credit industry, and for the average person, understanding all of them is insuperable.

John C. Heath photo

Lexington Directing Attorney John C. Heath

Lexington Law, based in North Salt Lake, Utah, has been advocating for individuals who have mistakes on their credit report for a number of years. Lexington’s team of lawyers and paralegals understand these laws and regulations and they have represented hundreds of thousands of clients who have worked to correct their credit reports and improve their scores.

“Lexington enacts change for our people,” said John C. Heath, the firm’s Directing Attorney. “We leverage our experience and give people a chance at better credit and a better life.”

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Other Credit Repair Ratings

  • Toll-free consultation: 1-855-393-3667
  • Unlimited disputes of credit report items
  • Costs $89 for initial work, then $49-$69 monthly to continue
  • Cancel anytime
  • Professional advisor assigned to each case
  • Essentials Plus also sends validation, goodwill, and recommendation letters to creditors
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Overall Rating

Better Business Bureau In Business Since Monthly Cost Reputation Score
A+ 2004 $49 - $69 8.5/10
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