10 Best Credit Cards for No Credit (2016)

10 Best Credit Cards for No Credit (2016)
Ashley Dull
By: Ashley Dull
Posted: May 20, 2016
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Everyone begins their financial life with no credit. We all start from zero and earn trust from credit bureaus through responsible financing. If you’ve never borrowed money, owned a credit card, or taken out a loan, you haven’t had the opportunity to earn credit just yet. Or maybe you ended up with no credit history after filing for bankruptcy and are now starting over.

Whatever the cause, individuals with no credit can use a credit card to help them on their way to greater financial health.

The catch-22 is that without an established credit history, it can be difficult to find a card that you’re approved for. Not all issuers are willing to take a chance on someone who lacks any credit — but there are still some great options available for anyone with no credit, if you know where to look.

We’ve sifted through hundreds of credit card offers and chosen the 10 best credit cards for people with no credit to their name. We’ve divided these credit cards into three sections: unsecured cards, secured cards, and prepaid cards. If you’re after a specific type of card, you can skip ahead using the links below: