10 Best Finance Education Sites of 2015

Alexandra Leslie
By: Alexandra Leslie
Posted: January 14, 2015
From big names to up-and-comers, BadCredit.org experts share their picks for the top resources in the personal finance industry.

Besides that one economics class you took (because it was required), how much have you educated yourself about finances? Probably not that much. But it’s never too late to learn!

Lucky for you, there are some awesome resources on the web to provide you with the knowledge you need to make better decisions with your money. There are plenty of options, but these 10 are in a league of their own.

With simple strategies, straightforward information and credible producers, you’ll find the sites on this list are as helpful as financial education sites get!


Congress created the Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission, which is composed of 20+ financial groups that work to strengthen people’s financial capability and increase their access to financial services. That’s where MyMoney.gov comes in. You will learn how to earn, save, invest, borrow, spend and protect your money from the most recognized financial folks in the industry and country.

URL: mymoney.gov

Practical Money Skills

To help students and consumers learn the essentials of personal finance, Visa worked with various financial experts and institutions to create the Practical Money Skills program. Through this site, they offer financial educational resources, like articles, games and lesson plans. The best part? It’s all free. It’s no surprise they have helped millions by providing the monetary skills and information everyone needs.

Social Clout: 23,000+ Facebook likes; 8,895+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @PracticalMoney

URL: practicalmoneyskills.com

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

A national volunteer effort by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, 360 Degrees strives to help you better understand your personal financial situation, as well as develop critical money-management skills. It has resources for every age and stage of life, offering lessons from learning the value of money to reaching a secure retirement. Bonus: Their educational tools include terrific calculators and infographics.

Social Clout: 3,180+ Twitter followers; 2,915+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @360finances

URL: 360financialliteracy.org

Money Management International

As the largest nonprofit, full-service credit counseling agency in the U.S., MMI has been helping consumers find the help they need to achieve financial freedom since 1958. Their impressive financial know-how has allowed them to create unrivaled educational programs that cover it all. From holiday budgeting to handling financial crises, you can feel confident that they have the answer for most of your money-related questions.

Social Clout: 6,045+ Twitter followers; 3,050+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @moneymanagement

URL: moneymanagement.org


Capital One works with Consumer Action to present you with MoneyWi$e, their joint educational project to promote and enhance financial literacy. A combination of free, multilingual materials offer expert insight into the mysteries of money. As well, they offer community training and seminars so people from different income levels get the information and assistance they need to make the strongest financial decisions for them.

Social Clout: 3,294,755+ Facebook likes; 108,185+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @capitalone

URL: money-wise.org

GreenPath Debt Solutions

Since 1961, GreenPath has been helping people get out of debt. With their financial expertise and experience, they provide the educational information and services to teach their customers to better handle their finances and enjoy a better quality of life. No matter your financial situation, they have valuable insight. With their commitment and compassion for the customer, they’re one of the best financial resources.

Social Clout: 2,290+ Facebook likes; 1,380+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @greenpathdebt

URL: greenpath.com

One For Your Money

Presented by Higher One, this online community is devoted to teaching you the financial ropes. It is open to all students enrolled at schools partnered with Higher One and offers the opportunity to discuss and learn more about money topics that pertain to you. Not only do they offer great money management techniques, but you can share your ideas and check out what your peers are doing. For Money 101, there’s no better teacher.

Social Clout: 70,825+ Facebook likes; 1,565+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @HigherOne


The National Endowment for Financial Education needed to come up with a creative way to educate people about their purchasing habits. Thus, Spendster was born. As a safe haven to share some of the poor purchases you’ve made, you can more easily recognize where you’re spending your money when you shouldn’t be. With their helpful calculators, in-depth blogs and spending guides, you’ll kick your Spendster habits.

Social Clout: 930+ Facebook likes; 5,380+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @NEFE_ORG

URL: spendster.org


This personal finance course was developed by the AFSA Education Foundation, and it aims to help young adults learn the fundamentals of money management. An interactive curriculum uses both written text and audio narration to engage students, while frequent quizzes make sure you understand every concept. By incorporating information about their financial situation, the lessons become a major monetary resource.

Social Clout: 495+ Twitter followers; 25+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @AFSA_DC

URL: moneyskill.org

Mapping Your Future

Mapping Your Future makes it their mission to help you traverse the higher education and student loan processes. They do this by providing resources and assistance regarding career, college and financial aid. This unbiased financial aid education is crucial for enabling students to make the best financial decisions about their future, as well as teach them the money management skills they’ll need after graduation.

Social Clout: 2,335+ Facebook likes; 890+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @MYFInc

URL: mappingyourfuture.org

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