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10 Best Blogs for Homeowners

Toby Bower
By: Toby Bower
Posted: December 18, 2013
From big names to up-and-comers, experts share their picks for the top resources in the personal finance industry.

Buying your first home is a major life milestone, but it can also be an overwhelming one.

From finding the perfect home to do-it-yourself projects, our 10 best Blogs for Homeowners know the true meaning of “Home Sweet Home.”

The Happy Homeowner

Bragging Rights: living a balanced life one cent at a time

From reformed spendaholic Jen comes The Happy Homeowner, a great site for homeowners looking to stretch their budget and lifestyle. Content is drawn around getting a grip on the money from all sides, such as debt, savings, budgeting and spending habits. Bonus: Tools for couponing and tracking your expenses are always on hand.

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We Need a Vacation

Bragging Rights: finding extra value in your home

We Need a Vacation is chock full of advice and guidance on finding the extra income inside your home, from vacation rental options, to leasing out rooms. The authors bring a cheerful spirit with tons of determination and a seemingly endless pool of ideas.

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Homeowner Nut

Bragging Rights: home fanatics blog it out

A DIY dream come true, Homeowner Nut breaks down each aspect of homeownership for tips on cost-saving repairs and improvements. From windows and roofing, to kitchens and baths, the whole property is covered in easy-to-follow instructions with the pros and cons of going with an expert.

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Suburban Finance

Bragging Rights: loaded with info you can actually use

Suburban life comes with its own challenges, from very close neighbors, to dealing with homeowners associations. Suburban Finance encompasses getting the financial ends in order, including mortgage rates and debt consolidation. Balancing earnings with spending is a core focus of the site, as well as finding ways to live better on less.

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Frugal Home DIY

Bragging Rights: innovative ways to save time and money

Frugal Home DIY offers a split between managing the finances of homeownership with challenges of sprucing the place up. Much of the content is on unique DIY projects like “Build a Backyard Cottage for the Family” or “How to Build a Bat House.” Don’t forget to check out the host’s favorite products and ebook library.

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New Home Buying Blog

Bragging Rights: your guide to buying a new home

New Home Buying Blog is another fantastic site that looks a real homeowner logistics, including both a construction phase or buying an existing home. Design is given close attention for those building from the ground up. The financing end is also explored with some clear guidance on understanding your mortgage and making it work for you.

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Happy Homeowners

Bragging Rights: insight from an insider

Rona Fischman covers Boston real estate professionally, but with her Happy Homeowners blog, she helps would-be homeowners understand the uphill challenges it involves. From handling the bidding process to understanding equity, she balances the financial realities of that age-old American dream.

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Homeowner by 30

Bragging Rights: get yours by planning ahead

Designed for and by younger homeowners, Homeowner by 30 aims to help people secure a deed by their third decade. The content is uniquely spun toward the patterns and earnings of younger people, with an ear for their specific challenges and interests. The host tracks his own progress as he works away his mortgage.


Home Buyer Ego

Bragging Rights: successfully buy your first home

The content at Home Buyer Ego is aimed at first-time buyers, designed more around controlling your budget and prepping for your mortgage. Topics like “4 Ways to Squeeze Extra Cash from Your Budget” and “The Key to a Happy Home is Living Without Buyer’s Remorse” cover the process from start to finish.


Happy New Lear

Bragging Rights: a home is more than just a set of rooms

From bubbly and pleasant Lauren comes Happy New Lear, a lively blog aimed at younger homeowners. Those early years on a mortgage provide speed bumps but also opportunities. This site helps you foresee what’s to come with useful hints for avoiding trouble. Household DIY is also covered, including building your own in some cases.

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