10 Best Apps for Debt Management

BadCredit.org Staff
By: BadCredit.org Staff
Posted: July 30, 2014
From big names to up-and-comers, BadCredit.org experts share their picks for the top resources in the personal finance industry.

Technology really does make our lives easier — even when you’re talking about debt!

These 10 best apps for debt management help you get a handle on your money and spending. Although similar, each of these handy programs offers something unique that’ll help you on the road to financial fitness.

Mint Personal Finance by Mint

User Rating: iTunes — 4/5, Google Play — 4.4/5

Mint Personal Finance organizes all of your accounts and debts in one place and helps track what you spend your money on.

Social Clout: 171K+ Facebook likes, 225K+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @mint

Price: FREE

Level Money by Level Financial Inc.

User Rating: iTunes — 3/5, Google Play — 3.5/5

Level Money cleverly illustrates your budgets so you can make more informed spending decisions and avoid living beyond your means. The app connects to your bank account and updates in real time thanks to a large group of participating financial institutions.

Social Clout: 3,229+ Facebook likes, 1,144+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @LevelMoney

Price: FREE

Debt Snowball Pro by Matthew King

User Rating: iTunes — 3/5

A detailed payment schedule spreadsheet shows you exactly how the snowball payment method works. Easy to use and password protected, Debt Snowball Pro helps you plan for a debt-free future.

Social Clout: 750+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @mattking

Price: $2.99

ReadyForZero by ReadyForZero

User Rating: iTunes — 4/5

ReadyForZero wants to help you become debt-free, tailoring its debt savings offers to you. As well, they tell you who to pay and how much to pay them while allowing you to align your payments with your paychecks, simplifying the process.

Social Clout: 21K+ Facebook likes, 4,145+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @ReadyForZero

Price: FREE

Debt Free by Mobile Innovations LLC

User Rating: iTunes — 4.5/5

With Debt Free, paying off your debt is incredibly simple. A “Quick Debt Summary” shows you everything at a glance, along with progress bars to show how far you’ve come. Pie charts make information accessible and easy to understand, too.

Social Clout: 1,850+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @mobileinnov

Price: $0.99

Budget Ease by Adelo LLC

User Rating: iTunes — 2.5/5, Google Play — 2.5/5

Budget Ease follows the “envelope budgeting system,” a classic personal finance system for allocating money according to expense categories (food, clothes, gas, etc.) This up-and-coming app helps you predict where your finances will be at the end of the month without unwelcome surprises.

Social Clout: 69+ Facebook likes, 45+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @BudgetEase

Price: FREE

DebtTracker Pro by SnapTap

User Rating: iTunes — 4.5/5

DebtTracker Pro lets you see everything you need all at once. For each of your lines of credit, it allows you to keep tabs on the balance, credit limit, due date and payment history. It also automatically adjusts due dates for you.

Social Clout: 50+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @snaptap

Price: $1.99

BillGuard by BillGuard Inc.

User Rating: iTunes — 4.5/5, Google Play — 4.3

Using a sleek and elegant design, BillGuard hits the mark when it comes to the all-in-one personal finance game. You’re even able to “compete against yourself” thanks to handy comparison graphs that track your spending month over month. They also find helpful coupons for you, too.

Social Clout: 4,654+ Facebook likes, 3,200+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @BillGuard

Price: FREE

DebtMinder by return7 LLC

User Rating: iTunes — 4.5/5

DebtMinder keeps you and the rest of your family on track with syncing across multiple devices. It also automatically backs up info to their secure cloud, allowing you to access your data from virtually anywhere.

Social Clout: 40+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @debtminderapp

Price: $1.99

IOU by Sergey Tubin

User Rating: iTunes — 4/5, Google Play — 4.4/5

IOU lets you keep track of all your debts, including those that aren’t monetary. It allows for partial payments, photo attachments and debt sharing between all the parties involved. Keep track of all your assets with this app!

Social Clout: 70+ Facebook likes, 35+ followers on Twitter

Twitter Handle: @sergeytubin

Price: $2.99

Photo sources: DailyFinance/Alamy, twitter.com, appannie.com